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Landscape your verge and reap the rewards

Landscaped and well-maintained verges can positively impact a street and neighbourhood in many ways.

Not only do they enhance the aesthetic value of a streetscape to individual properties and to the street as a whole, verges provide a healthier environment for street trees, absorb rainwater and create much needed habitat for local wildlife such as bees, birds and butterflies. Natural air conditioners, plants also play an important role in cooling our neighbourhoods when air moves through the moisture in the leaves.

Council encourages our residents to take ownership of their verge areas—offering an incentive program to assist in the beautification and improvement process.

Applications for the 2019 Greening Verges Incentive Program are now open with successful applicants receiving the following services for free:

  • Excavation of verge to 100mm depth
  • Removal of excavated material
  • Spreading/backfilling of loam (soil)
  • Installation of 50mm pvc pipe conduit under footpath (optional)
  • Small extension of paving to allow for bin pad adjacent to driveway (optional)
  • Small extension of paving to allow path between kerb and gate (optional).

The green nature of our suburbs is a key reason so many people enjoy living and working in the City of Unley.

Council provides a Verge Planting Guide filled with garden design ideas, planning advice, landscaping rules and plant suggestions for greening your nature strip.

More detail and eligibility criteria can be found on the Greening Verges website page. Applications close 18 November but the Council may close the program early if the program reaches capacity.