Street lighting


The City of Unley have recently upgraded approximately 3,000 street lights with LED lighting across all local streets and major roads within the city.

The energy efficient LED luminaires are up to 60% more energy efficient and will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and Council's carbon footprint. These new street lights will also increase lighting quality, with more light being directed toward the ground while reducing the light spill into private property.

The lights have been tested to ensure they meet relevant Australian Standards in regard to safety and light levels. Trial results have demonstrated they have superior performance to the existing lights. The upgrade lighting has:

  • Greater uniformity of light across and along the street
  • Improved ‘colour rendering’ and visibility, and
  • Less depreciation of the light output over time.

Who owns and runs the street lighting network?

While Council undertook the upgrade of the luminaires, the street lighting network is owned and operated by SA Power Networks, who then charge Council for the supply of lighting.

My street light isn't working, who do I contact?

If your street light isn't working please fill out the online form with SA Power Networks who can then rectify the issue.

My street light shines into my windows, can I request a shield?

While LED lights are designed to provide less light spill into adjoining properties, if you find it is too bright you can request a shield. Shields are installed to the rear of the light to reduce its glare and ensure the light goes to where it is needed.  Requests for shields are assessed by Council and then submitted to SA Power Networks to review and to provide a quotation for the installation.

If you would like to make a request for a shield you will first be required to demonstrate how you have undertaken measures to reduce the nuisance inside your home. Please note that you may also be required to make a contribution towards the shield installation costs and before the installation of the shield Council will send you an invoice for payment.

The application form can be found here:

Application for Street Light Shield(PDF, 200KB)

The school pedestrian crossing lights aren't working who do I contact?

School pedestrian crossing lights are managed by the Department of Infrastructure and Transport's (DIT) contractor DM Roads.

If there is an issue with the lights at your local crossing make a note of the location and you can contact DM Roads to report the problem. First check with your local school first as they may have already lodged the request. 

The issue can be reported by:

  1. Contacting DIT's traffic management centre on 1800 018 313
  2. Contacting DM Roads on 1300 012 413
  3. For non-urgent enquiries contact DM roads by email