Annual plan, budgets, reports

Long term financial plan

Used to aid financial decision making to ensure the Council remains financially sustainable, the Long Term Financial Plan supports the delivery of the Community Plan and its objectives, and assists in the development of the Annual Business Plan and Budgets.

Long Term Financial Plan 2020-21 to 2029-30(PDF, 485KB)

Annual business plan & budget

The Annual Business Plan and Budget sets out the objectives for the City of Unley's direction each financial year and provides key financial information relating to revenue and expenditure.

Annual report & financials

The Annual Report communicates our achievements during each financial year and is supported by financial statements that present the results of the Council's operations.

Fees & charges

Fees and charges are administered for a range of services and facilities. Some fees and charges are discretionary, where the Council is free to determine the charge, and some are statutory or by-law controlled.

We review discretionary fees and charges as part of our annual budget process.