Our policies reflect the culture, values and strategic direction of the Council and our community.

Policies provide an explanation as to why activities are undertaken, provide guidelines for action and are a mechanism for dealing with matters as they arise on a day-to-day basis.

By-laws are local laws established by councils to deal with issues specific to the areas under the care and control of council.

View all of the City of Unley By-Laws.


Asset Management Policy(PDF, 144KB)

Banners Policy(PDF, 1MB)

Building & Swimming Pool Inspection Policy(PDF, 179KB)

Car Parking Contributions Fund(PDF, 809KB)

Caretaker(PDF, 262KB)

City Relationships(PDF, 106KB)

Code of Conduct for Council Members(PDF, 238KB)

Code of Conduct for Employees(PDF, 41KB)

Code of Practice - Access to Council Meetings & Documents(PDF, 197KB)

Addendum – Code of Practice Access to Meetings Documents - Covid-19 (No 2)(PDF, 145KB)

Code of Practice - Procedures at Meetings(PDF, 469KB)

Addendum – Code of Practice Procedures at Meeting - Electronic Participation in Council Meetings - Covid-19 (No 1)(PDF, 161KB)

Commercial Fitness Training on Community Land Policy(PDF, 234KB)

Community Engagement & Consultation Policy(PDF, 146KB)

Community Grants & Sponsorship Policy(PDF, 202KB)

Complaints Handling Procedure under Council Members’ Code of Conduct(PDF, 162KB)

Compliance Policy(PDF, 175KB)

Conservation Grants Policy(PDF, 137KB)

Construction of Crossing Places & Stormwater Pipes to Properties(PDF, 145KB)

Customer Complaint Policy(PDF, 191KB)

Disposal of Surplus Non-Community Land(PDF, 207KB)

Economic Development Rates Incentive Policy(PDF, 167KB)

Elected Member Allowances & Benefits(PDF, 325KB)

Elected Member Induction(PDF, 115KB)

Elected Member Reports Protocol(PDF, 165KB)

Elected Member Training & Development(PDF, 142KB)

Election Signs - LGA Guidelines(PDF, 449KB)

Encroachments(PDF, 280KB)

Environmental Policy(PDF, 149KB)

Flag Management Policy(PDF, 169KB)

Footpath Trading Policy(PDF, 273KB)

Fraud & Corruption Prevention Policy(PDF, 178KB)

Graffiti Removal Policy(PDF, 147KB)

Hire of Community Centres & Town Hall Fee Discount Policy(PDF, 145KB)

Informal Gatherings Policy(PDF, 164KB)

Addendum – Informal Gatherings Policy - Covid-19 (No 1)(PDF, 134KB)  

Kerbside Waste & Recycling Collection Service Policy(PDF, 156KB)

Land Under Roads Policy(PDF, 140KB)

Memorials Policy(PDF, 182KB)

Mobile Food Vendor Location Rules(PDF, 113KB)  

Naming of Roads & Council Assets Policy(PDF, 177KB)

Nature Strips Policy(PDF, 169KB) (PDF, 169KB)

On-Street Parking Policy(PDF, 184KB)

Order-Making Policy(PDF, 171KB)

Petitions to Council Policy(PDF, 128KB)

Private Car Park Amalgamation Incentive Policy(PDF, 146KB)

Privately Funded Development Plan Amendments Policy(PDF, 153KB)

Procedure for Internal Review of a Council Decision(PDF, 232KB)

Procedure for Public Interest Disclosure(PDF, 239KB)

Procurement Policy(PDF, 245KB)

Prudential Management Policy(PDF, 157KB)

Property Management Policy(PDF, 239KB)

Public Arts Policy(PDF, 157KB)

Purchase Order Terms & Conditions(PDF, 115KB)

Rate Rebate Policy(PDF, 165KB)

Risk Management Policy(PDF, 207KB)

Safe Environment Policy(PDF, 150KB)

Sport & Recreation Policy(PDF, 147KB)

Treasury Management Policy(PDF, 178KB)

Tree Policy(PDF, 134KB)

Volunteer Management Policy(PDF, 205KB)