Council strategies

The Tree Canopy Project

Community & Strategic 4 Year Plans

The Community Plan is a comprehensive community vision for the City of Unley to 2033. It works in conjunction with the Strategic 4 Year Delivery Plan which provides a practical guideline for our work over the next four years, outlining the activities Council will undertake to achieve the community’s long term goals as set out in the Community Plan.

Community Plan 2033(PDF, 1MB)

Four Year Delivery Plan 2021-2025(PDF, 4MB)

Corporate Strategies

Corporate strategies identify the challenges and opportunities across key areas of our Council, and outline the plans and actions required to achieve the long term goals as set out in the Community Plan.

Active Ageing(PDF, 3MB)

Animal Management Plan(PDF, 2MB)

Asset Management Plans:

Building(PDF, 2MB)
Open Space(PDF, 3MB)
Stormwater(PDF, 3MB)
Transport(PDF, 3MB)           

Climate & Energy Plan(PDF, 1MB)

Community Land Management Plans(PDF, 7MB)

Cultural Plan(PDF, 13MB)

Digital Unley(PDF, 6MB)

Disability Access and Inclusion Plan(PDF, 4MB)

     DAIP Easy Read Version
     DAIP Text-only Version

Economic Development Growth Strategy(PDF, 1MB)

Environmental Sustainability(PDF, 2MB)

Integrated Transport Strategy(PDF, 565KB)

Living Active - Sport and Recreation Plan(PDF, 4MB)

Living Well Plan(PDF, 3MB)

Living Young(PDF, 3MB)

The Living City - Open Space Strategy(PDF, 3MB)

Tree Strategy(PDF, 9MB)

Unley Libraries(PDF, 421KB)

Walking and Cycling Plan(PDF, 8MB)

Waste Management & Resource Recovery Plan(PDF, 2MB)