Parking permits


Council offers a range of parking permits to help residents, businesses and their visitors access on-street parking.

The number and type of parking permits you can apply for will vary depending on whether you are a resident or business, what type of dwelling you live in and/or how many vehicles you own. 


Residents of Unley may be eligible for the following parking permits: 

  • Resident parking permits: 
    • Time Limit Exemption Parking Permits - available to residents, allowing their vehicle(s) to exceed time limits in restricted parking areas should a time-limit parking control be installed in front or opposite their property.
    • Resident Only Parking Permits - available to residents with no off-street parking and who have access to an existing permit(s), enabling their specified vehicle(s) to park in a designated permit zone(s) and/or exceed time limits in the areas covered by permits. All 24/7 permit zone(s) in the City will progressively be phased out and no new zone(s) and/or permit(s) will be issued. 
  • Temporary Parking Permits - available to exempt applications from time-limit parking controls for brief periods. These permits are generally issued to tradespeople engaged in house repairs or renovations and to family members or friends who may be house-sitting or caring for someone who is ill. 
  • Mobility Access Permits (available from 1 April 2025). 
  • Temporary Caravan Trailer Exemption permit (available from 1 April 2025). 



Businesses of Unley may be eligible for the following parking permit: 

  • Business parking permit (available from 1 April 2025).