Parking permits

Parking time limitations and resident only permit zones exist throughout Unley. If you are a resident, and the parking spaces adjacent to your property are impacted by these parking restrictions, you may be eligible to apply for a resident parking permit. 

Eligibility is determined by your property type, the parking zone on your street, the number of available parking spaces and the number of registered vehicles garaged at your property address.

Learn more about the Permits we issue

There are 2 Categories of permits, and each category has a permit type.

Your permit category will either be a fixed permit or a transferable permit. 

Fixed permit

This is a parking permit that is linked to a specific vehicle and it's registration number. It cannot be used for any other vehicle.

Transferable permit

This is a permit that is transferable between vehicles.

The permit also has a type A or B. The type of permit you may be eligible for will depend on the parking restrictions adjacent to your street. 

Type A - Resident only parking exemption permit

This permit allows the vehicle specified on the permit to park in the Resident Only Permit zone, or overstay the time limit zones. It is only valid for the street listed on the permit itself. 

Type B - Time limit parking exemption permit

This permit allows a specified vehicle to overstay the time limit in a time restricted parking area indicated by parking control signs. It is only valid for the street listed on the permit itself. It cannot be used to park in a Resident parking only permit zone. 


How to Apply?

Step 1.Check your eligibility

To be eligible to receive a permit, an applicant must;

  • Be a resident in a property adjacent to where parking controls indicate resident only and/or time limit parking

  • Supply evidence of residency at the time of application

  • Have an applicable registered vehicle(s) which is not a truck, trailer, caravan, boat or bus. 

  • Have proof of registration that the vehicle is garaged at the property 

The following conditions may also impact eligibility

  • If an applicant resides in a dwelling where off-street parking has been reduced by development (ie conversion of a garage/carport to a habitable room or storage), then eligibility may be determined by the off street parking capacity before the development took place.

  • Residents of multi-dwelling residences granted development approval on or after November 1, 2013, are not eligible for residential parking permits.

Step 2.Number of permits

Use this tool to see the number of permits you may be eligible for, subject to meeting all other eligibility criteria.

Click here to view form.

Step 3.Gather your documents

To apply for a Residential parking permit you will need to provide a copy of:

  • Proof of residency. This is a document that includes your name and address, such as a tenancy agreement, utility bill or bank statement

  • Proof of vehicle ownership (registration papers or a statutory declaration - see below) for every vehicle garaged at the address- including boats, caravans, trailers etc)

  • If providing a signed statutory declaration, it needs to be from the registered owner of the vehicle, stating you have use of  the vehicle at the address you list in this application.

Step 4.Review the costs

There is a fee of $33 per permit valid for 2 years. 

Step 5.Be prepared to provide your payment details

You can include your credit card details - Visa or Mastercard on your application form. 

We will only take payment if you have met the eligibility requirements. 

Step 6.Prepare your application

Download a copy of the application form.

Parking permit application(PDF, 1MB)

Complete the application form and return it to us with your attached documents:

Visit us: 181 Unley Rd, Unley


Step 7.Receive your permit

Your permit and permit conditions will be posted to you. You are required to display your permit on your vehicle when parking.