Dog exercise areas

Dog in Park
The City of Unley's parks and playgrounds encourage community participation and contribute to fostering a vibrant, safe, cohesive and strong community.

The Council provides three types of dog exercise areas. Please be mindful of the prohibited zones.

Off-leash at all times

Dogs may be exercised off-leash at all times at

  • Goodwood Oval, Millswood

  • Ridge Park (oval area), Myrtle Bank

  • The Orphanage (oval areas), Millswood

  • Unley Oval, Unley.

Off-leash between 5pm and 10am

Please check for signs indicating designated dog off-leash areas. Dogs may be exercised off-leash between 5pm and 10am at:

  • Everard Park Reserve, Everard Park

  • Forestville Reserve, Forestville

  • Fraser Reserve, Myrtle Bank

  • Fullarton Park, Fullarton

  • Heywood Park, Unley Park (western sector)

  • Howard Florey Reserve, Parkside

  • McLeay Park, Unley

  • Page Park, Clarence Park

  • Scammell Reserve, Myrtle Bank

  • Soutar Park, Goodwood (open play area and south of the east west path)

  • Village Green, Unley

  • Wayville Reserve, Wayville.

Dogs can be exercised off their leash provided:

  • No organised sporting activities are taking place.

  • The person responsible for the dog maintains ‘effective control’ at all times.

Effective control means:

  • The dog is restrained by a leash of not more than 2m in length.

  • The dog responds to command, is in close proximity to the person and the person is able to see the dog at all times.

On-leash at all times

Dogs must remain on-leash in the following areas:

  • Charles Walk - Linear Walk, Unley

  • Ferguson Avenue Reserve, Highgate

  • Fern Avenue Reserve, Fullarton

  • Glen Osmond Creek - Linear Walk, Unley

  • Hackett Reserve, Parkside

  • Haslop Reserve, Malvern

  • Henry Codd Reserve, Parkside

  • Heywood Park, Unley Park (eastern sector)

  • Katherine Street Reserve, Fullarton

  • Leicester Street Playground (open area), Parkside

  • Morrie Harrell Playground Reserve (open area), Unley

  • North Unley Playground Reserve (open area), Unley

  • Orphanage Park (except for oval areas), Millswood

  • Simpson Parade Reserve, Wayville

  • Soldiers Memorial Gardens, Unley

  • Soutar Park, Goodwood (north of east-west path)

  • Windsor Street – Linear Walk, Unley

  • Yeo Avenue Reserve, Highgate.

Prohibited Areas

It is prohibited to allow your dog:

  • Within any enclosed area where there is children’s play equipment

  • Within 3m of children’s play equipment (if the area is not enclosed)

  • In areas listed on sign posts as being prohibited for dogs

  • In areas set aside by the Unley Council for organised game playing.

Victoria Park (City of Adelaide)

Victoria Park is a great place to exercise your dog. However, please be mindful that the park features a racing practice circuit that is used by cyclists and pedal prix vehicles.

To ensure your dog's safety, please keep your dog on leash when the track is in use.