Dog exercise areas

Dog in Park
The City of Unley's parks and playgrounds encourage community participation and contribute to fostering a vibrant, safe, cohesive and strong community.

The Council provides three types of dog exercise areas. Please be mindful of the prohibited zones.

Off-leash at all times

Dogs may be exercised off-leash at all times at

  • Goodwood Oval, Millswood

  • Ridge Park (oval area), Myrtle Bank

  • The Orphanage (oval areas), Millswood

  • Unley Oval, Unley.

Off-leash between 5pm and 10am

Please check for signs indicating designated dog off-leash areas. Dogs may be exercised off-leash between 5pm and 10am at:

  • Everard Park Reserve, Everard Park

  • Forestville Reserve, Forestville

  • Fraser Reserve, Myrtle Bank

  • Fullarton Park, Fullarton

  • Heywood Park, Unley Park (western sector)

  • Howard Florey Reserve, Parkside

  • McLeay Park, Unley

  • Page Park, Clarence Park

  • Scammell Reserve, Myrtle Bank

  • Soutar Park, Goodwood (open play area and south of the east west path)

  • Village Green, Unley

  • Wayville Reserve, Wayville.

Dogs can be exercised off their leash provided:

  • No organised sporting activities are taking place.

  • The person responsible for the dog maintains ‘effective control’ at all times.

Effective control means:

  • The dog is restrained by a leash of not more than 2m in length.

  • The dog responds to command, is in close proximity to the person and the person is able to see the dog at all times.

On-leash at all times

Dogs must remain on-leash in the following areas:

  • Charles Walk - Linear Walk, Unley

  • Ferguson Avenue Reserve, Highgate

  • Fern Avenue Reserve, Fullarton

  • Glen Osmond Creek - Linear Walk, Unley

  • Hackett Reserve, Parkside

  • Haslop Reserve, Malvern

  • Henry Codd Reserve, Parkside

  • Heywood Park, Unley Park (eastern sector)

  • Katherine Street Reserve, Fullarton

  • Leicester Street Playground (open area), Parkside

  • Morrie Harrell Playground Reserve (open area), Unley

  • North Unley Playground Reserve (open area), Unley

  • Orphanage Park (except for oval areas), Millswood

  • Simpson Parade Reserve, Wayville

  • Soldiers Memorial Gardens, Unley

  • Soutar Park, Goodwood (north of east-west path)

  • Windsor Street – Linear Walk, Unley

  • Yeo Avenue Reserve, Highgate.

Prohibited Areas

It is prohibited to allow your dog:

  • Within any enclosed area where there is children’s play equipment

  • Within 3m of children’s play equipment (if the area is not enclosed)

  • In areas listed on sign posts as being prohibited for dogs

  • In areas set aside by the Unley Council for organised game playing.

Pelzer Park / Pityarilla Activity Hub

With sections for both small and large dogs, the dog park in Pelzer Park / Pityarilla Activity Hub includes natural obstacles such as logs, rocks and turfed areas for plenty of fur baby fun.

Located in the southern Park Lands adjacent to Greenhill Road, the park features a water play feature for dogs, with plenty of shelter and seating for dog owners.

Victoria Park (City of Adelaide)

Victoria Park is a great place to exercise your dog. However, please be mindful that the park features a racing practice circuit that is used by cyclists and pedal prix vehicles.

To ensure your dog's safety, please keep your dog on leash when the track is in use.