Hard waste collection

East Waste collects hard waste for the City of Unley.  Residents are entitled to book the following free collections per financial year (1 July - 30 June):

  • 1 x general hard waste collection
    A limit of 2 cubic metres (2m x 1m x 1m) applies (which roughly equates to a standard 6ft x 4ft trailer load).
  • 1 x mattress and/or ensemble collection (to be booked separately from other hard waste items). 
2m x 1m cubic hard waste diagram


Visit East Waste to find out about:

  • Collection guidelines and your responsibilities
  • Changing or cancelling a collection
  • Items that will be collected
  • Items that will NOT be collected
  • What happens to hard waste items and mattresses/ensembles after collection
  • Reuse and recycling options

How to book a hard waste or mattress collection

Waiting times for collections will depend upon demand for the services.

NOTE:  Hard waste items placed out on the verge without a booking or earlier than 24 hours before the collection date will be considered illegal dumping and may incur a fine.  The minimum fine for illegal dumping is $210, and it increases according to the volume and type of material.