Rates help for residents

If you have been impacted by loss of income or are facing financial hardship and require assistance with managing your Rates payments, please complete the application below.

Council will provide flexibility to customers where possible. If you are unable to make payments by the due dates, please contact us or complete an application for financial hardship assistance as soon as possible.

Potential arrangements may include;

  • Payment plans and extensions of time to pay
  • Referral to an Accredited Financial Counsellor
  • Postponement of rates for Seniors card holders


Step 1.Seek advice from an accredited financial counsellor

Before you submit your application for financial assistance for your rate payments, we need you to have met with and discussed your situation with an accredited financial counsellor.

Find your nearest free financial counsellor here.

Step 2.Check eligibility

We can only accept applications for the property that you own and is your primary place of residence.

Step 3.Complete the Application

  • The property owner, or the accredited financial counsellor can complete the online application.
  • If you are a financial counsellor completing on behalf of the property owner, you will need to include an 'Authority to Act' document.
  • If you have an income and expenditure statement you can upload a copy online, otherwise we have included an expense and income calculator in this application.

Apply now

Step 4.What happens next?

We will assess your application within 5 working days. If we need more information, we will contact you directly.