City-wide Parking Strategy

  • Project value$60,000
  • Project schedule2021-2022 (Stage 1)

We have commenced the development of a City-wide Parking Strategy. The Strategy will provide a holistic and strategic framework to guide Council decision making relating to management of on-street parking, including resident and business parking permits.

Project Background

On-street parking is a limited resource with competing user requirements and demands. Managing these competing demands can be difficult, particularly in an inner urban Council environment. Developing a clear approach on how on-street parking will be managed will make decision making easier.

Community Benefits of a Parking Strategy

There is a need to review parking within the City to;

  • Provide a better balance of parking provisions for residents, businesses, shoppers, commuters and others.
  • Maximise the parking provisions already in place and deliver new provisions.
  • Manage changing parking demands over time.

The Strategy will enable us to further understand the complexities of the current on-street parking environment and provide recommendations to manage car parking efficiently and sustainably throughout the City. This work will also assist in the review of Council’s On-Street Policy, which is scheduled for September 2022.

Project Stages

The Strategy will be developed in two stages;

Stage 1

  1. Defining the on-street parking problem through the collection and analysis of data. This will involve;
    • Collection of on-street parking data.
    • Review of all previous parking related consultations and customer requests for known problem areas.
    • Establish up to 3 focus groups that capture the views of the various precincts (business and residential).
    • Undertake best practice research on the management of on-street parking both locally and nationally.
  2. Agreeing on the key principles and objectives for development of the Strategy, taking into account Council’s current on-street parking policy (which is due for review in September 2022) and Unley Integrated Transport Strategy.
  3. Business Parking Permits will be further investigated. Preliminary investigations into this have already commenced , noting the existing On-street Parking Policy provides for business parking permits – however its implementation is still to be determined. An implementation strategy will be developed in parallel to the City-wide Parking Strategy .

Stage 2

Stage 2 will involve consulting on and finalising the draft City-wide Parking Strategy in the 2022/23 financial year, based on learnings and research from Stage 1 , subject to funding. Council’s On-street Parking Policy will also be updated, which is up for review in September 2022.