All (150) Connections to Unley Art Prize

All (150) Connections to Unley Art Prize was open to South Australian artists, of all ages and career stages, to create artworks on their personal connection to the City of Unley.

We are pleased to announce the winner of the All (150) Connections to Unley Art Prize 2021 is Charmaine Osborne for 150 seed pots for Unley green plots.

unleyartprize-2021.jpg  unleyartprize-close-up.jpeg

Congratulations to all finalists, whose work can be seen at the Hughes Gallery until Friday 25th June. The Elected member's and People's Choice Awards will be announced at the conclusion of the exhibition.

Alan Ramachandran


Showers at King William Road, watercolour

When I visit King William Road, it feels so lively and energetic with people visiting the many different shops from health care, cafes, having their hair done and lots of great restaurants and eating places.

Andrew McGowan


Black Forest, oil

I have lived in Black Forest for over 25 years. I often wonder what Black Forest looked like before settlement. After studying the few last remnants of old growth trees from the original Black Forest, I have painted an imagined view of my street circa 1850. The painting is looking East down Cowper Road toward the hills.

Charmaine Osborne


150 seed pots for Unley green plots, ceramic pots with ‘crocus martis’ slip decoration

Unley resident since 1995; member of the Adelaide Potters’ Club since 2018. Entry inspired by memories of a visit to F.A. Grimes & Sons Plan Nursery in late 1970s – and the Who Gives a Root? Exhibition. Pots produced at Adelaide Potters’ Club facilities. 150 pots: 150 years, and 150 seeds – seeds for continuing a green Unley.

Elaine Magias


Inparrinthi (meeting), natural fibres with organic dyes

Circular representation of my connection to the country of the Kaurna people in Unley. This circular weave represents my never-ending connection to country, without beginning or end always present. Circles in Aboriginal art depict meeting place. Kaurna have always met here on this country and continue to. Woven on Country.

Emma Young


Prickly pears – Eastern Rosella Collection, blown glass

During 2020 under COVID-19 restrictions, common indulgences were spending time outdoors and gardening. I wasn't so successful at keeping plants alive, but I did love bird-watching from our Parkside porch. It'd make my day seeing rainbow lorikeets and colourful rosellas fluttering about our backyard. This glass installation represents my lacklustre gardening skills combined with my love for these rainbow birds.

Gail Kellett


Morning Pond, hand painted lino cut

The protection of our natural water lands is integral to the river system that flows through the Adelaide plains...and the habitat within this environment is home to many species of animals, birds and insects. I created this piece one morning when I observed a Pied Cormorant, Spotless Crake and a Blue-eyed Darner searching for food through the reeds and rocks.

Kylie Nichols


Cucurbita, porcelain

My work, an exploration of the everyday, an interaction with nature. Cucurbita, a genus of herbaceous vines is grown worldwide and steeped in symbolism. Unley has long been associated with growing fruit and vegetables from early European settlement. Today the Fern Avenue Community Garden and the Goody Patch champion long traditions of growing fruit and vegetables with their local community.

Lee Salomone


Primal Landscape, found wooden bed head, various wood, various paint, bronze and patina

Primal Landscape the artwork is the dog and I, sitting in the Colin “Tiny” Nelson Stand in Goodwood Oval, witnessing the moon rise above the Mt Lofty Ranges. Place has power, and place holds memories: the Colin “Tiny” Nelson Stand was demolished in 2020, and the work reflects upon the many personal ways of experiencing and receiving that power in our lives.

Lily Davies


Intertwined, carved and sculpted MDF, acrylic paint and wood stain

Intertwined is an expression of the natural world and the constructed world being one and the same. In my experience, nowhere is this more apparent than the decadently foliaged streets of Unley. The vibrant, lush, green streets are inseparable from the effervescent, stylish culture of the streets.

Maggie Cecchin


150, oil, wax medium and graphite on linen

A grid structure of one hundred and fifty symbolic colourful squares celebrates the sesquicentenary of the City of Unley. The conceptualisation offers an opportunity to tell stories from the City’s 150 years of rich heritage of agriculture, orchards, dairies, jam factories and villages; its population, housing, and infrastructure development; and continued evolution as a vibrant, inclusive urban environment.

Marisha Matthews


Wattle Street Magnolia, oil on canvas

Josephine Marshall, who lives in Wattle Street, Unley has been a huge support to me in the last 10 years. She has encouraged me to paint, when I have felt like giving up. This magnolia from her garden is a thank you message.

Michelle Joy Magias


Connection to country, acrylic

Connection to country symbolises my life growing up in Unley. It's my place of belonging.

Michelle Rose


Capri Theatre, watercolour

As you round the corner from Surrey Street the iconic facade of the Capri Theatre catches your eye and the light. What I love about Goodwood is that historic buildings have been retained and are part of the fabric of the community.

Miguel Duque Cruz


Find me in the clouds, acrylic and oil on canvas, figurines in resin, framed in solid wood with natural finish

Landscape tribute to the Adelaide hills that we have the privilege of witnessing every sunrise and sunset from Unley, these hills are sometimes filled with clouds on autumn evenings with a magical realism that has been the inspiration for this painting. I have grown up surrounded by mountains, where the best coffee in the world grows, the Colombian coffee. Therefore it is almost a poetic pleasure to find from the Unley the hillsides that inspired me in this composition.

Sally Arnold


Scarred Gum Tree Cromer Parade, acrylic on canvas

Unley has magnificient street Gum trees. Black Forest has huge unusual coloured salmon Gum trees, I am focusing on the beauty that I am grateful for in my local area. The way the Aussie quality of light touches the trees is my focus, I love capturing sunlight in my work. Beauty is surrounding us in the Unley area.

Sarah Riggall


Foodland Flowers, acrylic paint

Flowers bought at Foodland In Unley.

Sarah Northcott


Local walks for local people, acrylic and ink on paper

This series of paintings is based on walks in local Unley with my young children during lockdown and beyond. I saw the local area in a new way during this time, connecting in a visual and mindful way with the details of a chain link wire mesh fence along the bike path, a red fence on the walk to the IGA, the shadow cast by a tree on a walk to the service station to buy milk, the stairs outside some units with lawn and powerlines.

Sonali Patel

 Beautiful Worlds.jpg

Beautiful worlds, fired ceramic, MDF and paint

‘Beautiful worlds’ are metaphorical landscapes that allude to heavenly realms on Earth. The terracotta circles with varying patterns and texture depict the geography of place. Unley has been transformed over time into a diverse yet inclusive cluster of communities, each radiant in its own circle of humanity.

Tim Thomson

White line, bronze

1976? 18 years old. 1am. Unley road. Finished work at Lord Kitcheners Indian Kitchen restaurant. I had just enjoyed my first Harvey Wallbanger cocktail and had an older woman express her interest. Massively pleased with myself. No cars. So I danced the white line home. Great memory!

Victoria Wade


Spring Light, pastel on paper

Jacarandas line the streets and pop out in parks and gardens, to let us know that summer is just around the corner and the year’s end is in sight. Done en-plein-air in a friend’s front garden in Unley Park, November 2020.