Pay a parking fine

The owner of the vehicle is responsible for the expiation notice. If you were not driving the vehicle at the time, you must provide a Statutory Declaration including the full name and address of the driver to the City of Unley.

If the vehicle has been sold prior to the offence date, you should forward a copy of the disposal notice or a Statutory Declaration with the new owner's full name and address. 

Don't delay in making payment. 

Failure to pay by the due date will result in a reminder notice being forwarded to the registered owner of the vehicle which will include:

  • A late fee

  • A Motor Vehicle Search Fee

  • A new due date giving the vehicle owner an additional 14 days to pay

If payment is still not made by the end of the reminder notice(s), the expiation notice will be forwarded to the Chief Recovery Officer for enforcement.

Need more time to pay?

We cannot enter into a payment arrangement with you. However, you can contact the Fines Enforcement and Recovery Unit to apply for a Payment Arrangement to spread your payment over a longer period. 

Don't wait until your parking expiation is overdue. You can contact the Fines Enforcement and Recovery Unit on  1800 659 538 or visit the Fines Unit website.

Payment options


Step 1.Have your information ready

You can pay online using a Visa or Credit Card.

You will also need

  • The parking expiation number
  • The vehicle registration number

Step 2.Make payment

To make a payment online you will need to:

Choose 'Expiations' from the payment type field.

Choose 'Parking Expiations' from the Payment filter type.

Enter the Expiation number. This can be found on your Expiation notice ticket.

Enter the Vehicle Registration number.

You can also check the amount owing by pressing the 'Outstanding' button.

Pay online now


Step 1.What you will need

Have your credit card ready. We accept payments by Visa and Mastercard.

You will also need your expiation notice number (infringement number), found on the expiation notice attached to your vehicle and your vehicle registration number.

Step 2.Call us

Call our Customer Service Centre on (08) 8372 5111.

We are available Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 5pm.

In person

Step 1.What you will need

Your expiation notice.

We accept Cash, EFTPOS and credit cards (Visa and Mastercard).

Step 2.Visit us

We are open Monday to Friday,  8.30am to 5:00pm and closed on Public Holidays.

Our Location

Find us at 181 Unley Road, Unley.





Step 1.What you will need

  • Your expiation notice number (infringement number)

  • which is printed on your expiation.

  • Your vehicle registration number.

  • a cheque or Money Order made payable to the City of Unley 

Step 2.Post your payment information

PO Box 1, Unley SA 5061

If you would like a receipt, please include this in your request.