Parking fine disputes

If you have received a Parking Expiation and feel that there may have been a mistake in issuing the notice or there are other reasons you would like for us to consider, you can now request a review online.

Step 1.

View the photographs of the vehicle and expiation offence.

Step 2.

After you have viewed the photographs, you will be given the option to;

  1. Pay online
  2. Request a review


Follow the steps below.

Requesting a review

Step 1.Before you begin

To request a review of the Expiation Notice you need to be either;

  • the registered owner of the vehicle

  • or the driver at the time of the offence 

Step 2.View expiation photos

 You must view the expiation photos before you can request a review.

You will need;

  • the Expiation Notice number - This can be found on the parking expiation notice.

  • the Vehicle registration number.

View the Expiation photos

We are unable to consider a review if your Expiation is already past the due date of the reminder notice.  Any requests after this stage will need to be referred to the Chief Recovery Officer by phoning 1800 659 538.

Step 3.Expiation photos explained

You will see any photo evidence that has been taken at the time of the alleged parking offence. 

You will also be presented with the details of the parking offence, including date, time, location and the offence type.

The expiation fee or total amount you owe will also be displayed.

Step 4.Your options

After viewing the photos, you will be given the option to:

1. Pay 

2. Request a review

If you choose to pay, you will be directed to the online payment system to pay by Visa or Mastercard.

Find out more about other payment options.

Step 5.Continue to request a review

You will need;

Your Driver's License number

You will be asked to provide us with evidence to support your appeal for your expiation. Some items you may require are:

  • Evidence from the Police Officer at the time of the offence.

  • Evidence from the Ambulance Service or Registrar of the relevant Hospital Emergency Administration Department.

  • Evidence from Roadside Assistance or attending Mechanic or Towing Company confirming date/time of attendance at the location of your vehicle.

We may also request that you provide a Statutory Declaration complementing the above documentation.

 Statutory Declaration Form(PDF, 61KB).

City of Unley have a Justice of the Peace on site who can assist with the Statutory Declaration form requirements. Please find JP availability and times here.

Step 6.What happens next?

Once you have submitted your review you will receive a Customer Request number and a copy of your request will be emailed to you.

We will assess your review, and respond withing 10 business days.