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Carbon Neutral Unley

The City of Unley aims to be carbon neutral for its corporate emissions by December 2030 by taking steps to actively reduce impacts and help slow climate change.

This will have a long-term positive impact on Council's operating budget by lowering the ongoing costs of fuel and electricity, reducing our vulnerability to price increases and improving our organisations resilience as we transition to a low carbon economy. 

Visit our Carbon Neutral Unley webpage for more information. 

Greening Verges

The City of Unley encourages residents to take ownership of the strip of land in front of properties through greening.

There are many verges containing dolomite (a hard surface that prevents water from entering the ground below). If these are replaced with loam and low plantings or lawn, it will improve soil moisture, make streets and homes more attractive, add to the cool, green feel of the City and reduce the impacts of climate change.

Visit our Greening Verges webpage for more information.

Living with Trees

Trees create more liveable cities and provide environmental benefits by supporting flora and fauna, cleaning the air and protecting us from the heat during our increasingly hot summers. 

Our trees also add character to our streetscapes and increase property values. 

The estimated economic value of street trees in Unley is $150 million.

Visit our Living with Trees webpage for more information.

Water Wells (Treenet Inlet) Program

Water Wells (also known as Treenet Inlets) installed across the City in council verges, assist with greening and establishing new tree plantings. They increase moisture in the soil by capturing and retaining wet weather flows from the roadway.

Tree Strategy - Expanding Canopy Cover on Public Land

One of the key objectives of our Tree Strategy is to increase canopy cover on Council land. This project will see the planting of 440 additional trees throughout the City in 2023-24.

Visit our Keeping Unley Leafy webpage for more information.

Shaping Unley - Trees on Private Land

City of Unley aims to better understand the issue of declining tree canopy cover on private land and to find common ground to address this complex, city-wide issue.

Visit our Living with Trees webpage for more information.

Plastics Free SA Program

As a City of Unley business have you ever thought about going plastic free, but don’t know where to start?

Researching the right alternative products and solutions can be confusing, time consuming and sometimes costly.

In partnership with the City of Unley, Plastic Free SA has done the research and the hard work for you.

Visit our Plastic Free Businesses webpage for more information.

Significant Tree List Review

The City of Unley Significant Tree List had not been updated since the early 2000s. In March 2022, Council undertook a review of this list so we can protect these valuable assets.

For more information, view the Significant Tree List Review Summary Report.

Unley Parking Management Plan (Stage 2)

The Unley Parking Management Plan (formerly titled 'City-Wide Parking Strategy') aims to:

  • Provide a holistic, strategic framework to guide Council decision-making relating to the management of on-street parking, including permits.
  • Provide a better balance of parking provisions for residents, businesses, shoppers, commuters and visitors.
  • Optimise existing parking facilities to their full potential and implement new ones as needed.
  • Better manage changing parking demands over time.

Visit our Unley Parking Management Plan webpage for more information.

Unley Road Streetscape Upgrade (Stage 2)

Council continues the delivery of the Unley Road Public Realm Streetscape Upgrade. Delivery of the section between Park Street and Thomas Street is anticipated for 2023-24.

This Stage 2 proposed streetscape works are: 

  • street furniture (seating, bins, bike racks, planter boxes, fencing etc);
  • bollards;
  • new planting beds and other greening opportunities; and 
  • way-finding signage.

In addition, renewal of footpaths and kerbing will be undertaken and funded through Council’s 2023-24 Capital Renewal Program.

Walking and Cycling Plan Implementation

Council continues to implement the priorities of the Council’s Walking & Cycling Plan 2022-2027.

The Plan aims to continue delivering on Council’s vision of  'more people of all ages and abilities walking and bike-riding for transport and recreation purposes', and build on the progress made in delivering well-established walking and cycling networks across the City.  

Visit our Walking and Cycling Plan Implementation webpage for more information.

Unley Museum Expansion - Detailed Design and Documentation

The Unley Civic precinct, bounded by Unley Road, Oxford Terrace, Rugby Street and Edmund Avenue, has been under consideration since 2018, with a working group formed to assist Council in developing a long-term vision for this area.

The working group supported greater activation of the cottages and a new entrance to the Village Green, among other initiatives. Initially, only three of the six cottages were involved in the redevelopment. Now the other three will undergo detailed design in 2024 for the expansion of the Unley Museum. 

Visit our Edmund Avenue Cottages webpage for more information.

Living Streets & Pocket Parks Review

The Living Streets and Pocket Parks Review aims to build safer, more accessible and greener local streets and foster a greater sense of community. 

More information will be available in 2024.

Asset Renewal (Footpath, Kerb, Road and Open Space)

The City of Unley owns and manages a significant amount of assets that contribute to the look and feel of Unley, many of which offer benefits or services to our community.

Our transport assets connect people and places by providing an effective movement network to get you where you need to go efficiently and safely. These extend beyond our roads and include footpaths and cycling paths and kerbs.

Our open space assets are where our community meets, enhancing the liveability of our City and supporting healthy living through places for leisure and physical activity. These assets include playgrounds, sporting grounds, outdoor furniture, lighting, artwork, irrigation to green our City, smart city technologies and a variety of structures.