Conservation grants


Applications for Conservation Grants are now closed.

The next round of Conservation Grants is anticipated to open mid 2023.

The Conservation Grants Policy encompasses Unley’s vision to become the ‘City of Villages’; proud of its history, built character, landscaped environment and community well-being while ensuring sustainability into the future by responding to the need and expectations for change.

We want to continue to help owners maintain, enhance and preserve the natural and built environment by providing funds relating to building works and maintenance of significant and regulated trees.  

Important Information

Grant Amounts

Grants may be allocated for up to 50 per cent of the total cost of a single conservation treatment with the maximum amounts available per application being:

  • A maximum of $1,000 available every 3 years for pruning regulated/significant trees; and

  • A maximum of $5,000 is available every 5 years for Local or State Heritage Places or Representative Buildings

Grant Exclusions

Grants are not available for:

  • The removal of Regulated or Significant Trees

  • Inappropriate lopping, pruning or other 'tree damaging' activities as defined by the Planning Development and Infrastructure Act 2016

  • Buildings that are not listed as State or Local Heritage or a Representative Building

  • State Heritage buildings/items (work may be eligible for funding from the State Government or for tax rebates from the Commonwealth Government).

Additional Information

Please note that:

  • The applicant must provide at least two quotations for the proposed conservation with the application form

  • When a conservation grant is made, the applicant must accept the Council's right to photograph the subject trees, property and/or items, before and after conservation work

  • Council will only pay approved grants following an inspection by a City of Unley officer (or delegate) upon satisfactory completion of any proposed conservation works

  • The City of Unley reserves the right to withhold payment of an approved grant if conservation work does not meet appropriate standards and/or differs from the work that was proposed in the application.

  • Where other grant funding has been obtained for the proposed works, the Conservation Grant Policy will not apply. 

How to apply

1. Read the policy

Conservation grants policy(PDF, 217KB)

2. Assemble supporting documentation

Significant/Regulated Tree

We require you to attach the following documentation for us to assess your grant application;

  • Expert or technical report from a qualified arborist on the maintenance pruning proposed 

  • Two quotes from tree pruners

  • Recent photos of the proposed maintenance pruning required

Representative/Local or State Heritage Buildings

We require you to attach the following documentation for us to assess your grant application;

  • Detailed description of the work 

  • Site plan identifying the location of the work 

  • Detailed drawings or photos as necessary to clearly define the scope of work 

  • Relevant plans and specifications prepared by suitable person or company 

  • Photos of relevant part of building 

  • Methodology or specification notes to detail the materials and techniques to undertake the works

  • Two written quotes from suitable persons or companies based on the agreed scope of works

3. Complete the form

This form will become available when applications open. 

For further information phone (08) 8372 5111 or email