Sick trees removed in Forestville Reserve

Published on 02 June 2023


Unfortunately, the removal was required because eight trees were dead, and one was severely diseased with a large part of its growth hanging over powerline infrastructure, posing a significant risk. Their species were native Blue Gums and Grey Box, and none were deemed Regulated or Significant.

The trees will all be replaced on a ‘one for one’ basis at minimum. The new trees will be indigenous or local species and will be sourced from the Nursery & Garden Industry of SA.

One of the trees had a birdbox, which was currently empty. However, to preserve the birdbox, that particular tree was cut above the birdbox and it remains ready for new inhabitants.

Council acknowledges that, even though the local community was informed some time ago that the trees would need to be removed, we should have communicated this to the surrounding residents prior to the work commencing and apologise for any concerns or inconvenience this may have caused.