Confidentiality Orders Removed

Section 90 of the Local Government Act 1999 provides that a Council or Council Committee may order the public to be excluded from attendance at a meeting when necessary and appropriate. This is done by applying for an order which will specify:

  • reason for and duration of the order; or
  • circumstances in which the order will cease to apply; or
  • a period after which the order must be reviewed.

A review of the reports or documents that are the subject of confidentiality orders are conducted to ensure that items are released to the public, in accordance with the resolutions of Council.

You can download and view the Confidentiality orders list document below.

Confidentiality-Orders-List-Released-Items-2005-to-October-2017.pdf(PDF, 290KB)

Released items are available below.


Name   Type Date
 Item 356 Council December 2015 - partially released(PDF, 557KB)        Confidentiality order partially removed           Jan 2020