Overhanging vegetation

man and woman walking along footpath

Did you know that private property owners need to prevent vegetation from overhanging footpaths? Learn how Council manages overhanging vegetation.

The City of Unley encourages residents to ‘green’ their properties. Greening makes streets and homes more attractive, adds to our City’s appeal, and reduces the impact of climate change.

Other benefits include:

  • softening our streets and homes of hard surfaces such as roads and footpaths
  • increasing property value
  • improving air quality and reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  • cooling streets and houses during heatwaves 
  • improving our mental and physical wellbeing
  • reducing stormwater run-off and pollution; and
  • providing habitat for small creatures like butterflies.

Greening can sometimes result in vegetation encroaching onto public spaces. In these situations, it is the property owner to prevent this becoming a hazard to pedestrians and other road users. The Disability Discrimination Act must also be considered, as all people should have safe access to footpaths.

As a result, the City of Unley has developed a framework for investigating reports of overhanging vegetation.

Compliance program

Council has an annual compliance program. The program includes a register of hedges and other overhanging vegetation from private property.

Properties are added and removed from the register as required.

Council officers will advise property owners/tenants listed on the register and may undertake inspections onsite.

If negotiations are unsuccessful in resolving overgrown vegetation, Council has the powers to take action at the property owner’s expense.

Report overhanging foliage

Has overhanging foliage impacted your access to public footpaths? Community reports help us in identify overgrown hedges that are impeding pedestrian access.

Please make a report online. Council officers can inspect the property and work toward a resolution with the property owner.

  1. Select Footpaths
  2. Select 'Vegetation over hanging the footpath' and click 'Continue'.

Click here to view form.