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Our collection of more than 12,000 photographs and objects has grown from the generous donations of Unley people.  We love all kinds of photographs and objects.  If you have items related to Unley that you would like to donate for the preservation of our recent and past history please feel free to email images to us or make an appointment with the Museum Curator to bring them in to consider.  In particular we are looking for advertising, domestic objects and clothing from the 1950s-1980s.

Search the Collection

You can search the Museum's collection through the Unley Libraries' online catalogue.

To search:

  1. select the Advanced Search option 
  2. type in your desired keywords
  3. select Library: Unley Museum from the Additional Limits box
  4. click on Advanced Search.

It is important that you note the shelf location for the item that you are interested in viewing. Photographs are available to view at the Museum during open hours. If you are interested in viewing other items in the collection, please make a time with the Curator, by phoning 8372 5117.


Would you like to donate to our collection?

If you have an item you would like to donate to the Museum, contact the curator on 8372 5117.

The museum accepts donations that are:

  • Associated with people, events, places and themes in Unley's history
  • Valued by sections of the Unley community for social, economic, cultural, religious or spiritual reasons
  • Demonstrate important social customs in Unley
  • Were once commonly available and represent changing trends in the daily lives of people in Unley
  • Designed, manufactured or used in Unley
  • Demonstrate important social or technological changes in Unley
  • Reflect personal histories of Unley residents


The more of these categories that the item can fit into, the better it is for the museum and its collection. In deciding to accept an item the Unley Museum must ensure that:

  • The intending donor has legal title
  • It is free of encumbrances
  • It has clearly established provenance
  • It has potential for research, interpretation and exhibition
  • It has definitive documentation and/or relationships to other objects within the collection
  • The condition consists of minor wear or damage, minimal staining and no insects
  • It does not duplicate other material within the collection


Since ALL of the above must be confirmed, items generally cannot be accepted when they are initially brought to our attention. Research and comparison to the collection can take time.

If you are thinking of donating an item, contact the curator by phone on 8372 5117, to discuss your donation and make an appointment during opening hours.