Royal Adelaide Show parking

Side-show alley rides at the Royal Adelaide Show

We are excited to see that the Royal Adelaide Show will be held this year from Saturday 3 September to Sunday 11 September 2022, after a two-year hiatus due to COVID-19.

During the Royal Adelaide Show, the City of Unley implements Event Parking Restrictions on streets surrounding the Wayville showground. The Event Parking controls are designed to assist residents and businesses in Goodwood and Wayville and ensure that a reasonable level of parking availability is maintained for those visitors who are not attending the Royal Adelaide Show.

To find out more about your transport and parking options to the show visit the Royal Adelaide Show website.

Changes to Royal Adelaide Show Parking Signage

During the Royal Adelaide Show’s absence over the last two years, the City of Unley has taken the opportunity to review the temporary event parking restrictions that are installed each year. 

This review identified that installing and removing the temporary event parking signage each year is a resource-intensive exercise.  

To reduce this impact, Council will install new permanent signage to inform drivers what the timed parking restrictions are during the Royal Adelaide Show event and all other times outside of Show days.  These signs will remain in place all year round.   

See an example of the new permanent event parking control signs below.

Example Royal Adelaide Show event parking signage

South Parklands parking

Extensive off-Street parking is created each year for Royal Adelaide Show patrons within the South Park Lands. We encourage patrons to catch public transport as the State Government introduces additional bus, tram and train services during the Show.

To find out more about your transport and parking options to the show, visit the Royal Adelaide Show website.

Resident permits

Residents in the designated event parking areas will continue to be provided with a show exemption permit, similar to previous years. This permit will allow residents to park in the event time-limited areas for longer than the permitted time.

Please note that any current residential parking permits will also exempt holders from any Event Parking restrictions installed in their street.

See a map showing the extent of the designated event parking restrictions below. 

Royal Adelaide Show event parking extent

As per previous years, a notification letter with exemption permits will be sent to residents closer to the Royal Adelaide Show commencement date.

Council aims to install the new event parking signage in late June/early July 2022. The new signage will replace existing parking signage and be installed onto existing on-street parking poles.

Royal Adelaide Show Event parking notifications

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We will send out an email the week before the Royal Adelaide Show to help ensure you are aware of when event parking restrictions will apply.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Will the changes impact my current parking permit?

No, any current City of Unley parking permit allocated for the affected streets will still exempt the holder from the Royal Adelaide Show Event parking restrictions.

Will Royal Adelaide Show Exemption Permits still be issued to the affected streets?

Yes, each year Council issues one Royal Adelaide Show exemption permit to each property along the affected streets just prior to the Royal Adelaide Show commencing. This activity will still take place.

Has there been any changes to restrictions compared to previous Royal Adelaide Show?

Only minor changes to streets immediately adjacent the showgrounds (Leader Street and Rose Terrace) to improve safety and access. All previous parking restrictions installed in local streets will be maintained.

When will the Royal Adelaide Show parking restrictions come into effect?

Although the Event Parking signage will be permanently on display, these controls will only operate during the advertised Royal Adelaide Show days each year, which typically runs in late August and early September each year.

What days of the week and hours of the day will the Royal Show event parking restrictions be in operation?

The event parking restrictions will only be in operation on dates and times that the Royal Adelaide Show is on, outside of those times, all other existing restrictions will apply in your street.

Why are the Royal Adelaide Show Parking Restrictions ‘at all times’?

In previous years, event parking restrictions either operated between 9am to 9pm or 10am to 10pm.

However, as the start and end times of the Royal Show are subject to change, having the Royal Adelaide Show Parking Restrictions operate ‘at all times’ will ensure that the restrictions apply whenever the show is on, no matter the start or end times, which should also reduce any confusion to motorists.