Abandoned trolleys


Supermarket retailers continue to work closely with Councils and the community to manage their trolleys, but they need their customers’ help to return their trolleys after use, and report abandoned trolleys, so that they can collect them within 24 hours.

To report an abandoned trolley, please contact the relevant retailer below.

Coles or First Choice Liquor:

Download the Coles App from the App Store or Google Play and use the ‘Report an abandoned trolley’ function.
Phone: 1800 TROLLEY (1800 876 553)
Visit Coles

Woolworths or Big W

Download the Trolley Tracker App from the App Store or Google Play to report abandoned trolleys.
Trolley Tracker Hotline: 1800 641 497
Visit Trolley Tracker


You can report an abandoned trolley at any time by calling 1800 163 900.
Reported trolleys will be collected within 24 hours.