Illegal dumping of rubbish

waste illegally dumped near footpath

What is illegal dumping?

Illegal dumping is a result of people unlawfully dumping unwanted items such as mattresses, household furniture, electrical goods, building material and tyres in front of houses, alongside roads, on reserves and in creeks without the approval of Council. Any rubbish that is put out without a Hard Waste booking is considered as illegally dumped rubbish and can attract a substantial fine.

It poses a risk to the health and safety of the community as well harming the environment by contaminating land and waterways.

Risks involved with illegal dumping include;

  • sharp objects
  • asbestos
  • toxic substances
  • nappies and medical waste
  • fire hazards
  • block storm water drains
  • can cause accidents due to obstruction
  • lower property values

While some items such as tyres and hazardous waste are not accepted in the hard waste collection service, the City of Unley does provide options to dispose of these in the best way. Learn more about disposing of these items.

How to report illegal dumping

Anyone who suspects or witnesses illegal dumping is encouraged to report it immediately to the City of Unley.

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