Cultural Plan

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Council has always recognised the significant role that arts and culture play in community identity, in helping to fulfill the lives of its residents and its important contribution to a vibrant and economically viable City.

The Cultural Plan 2021-2026(PDF, 13MB) outlines Council’s commitment to cultural development in our City. It provides an aspirational and logistical statement of how we intend to work with our community to build an environment where we can all feel that we can belong, contribute, connect and be a valued part of a positive society.

The Cultural Plan 2021-2026 is critical in shaping a healthy and vital culture and community.

The purpose of this plan is to achieve a shared vision to increase our City’s cultural vitality. This Cultural Plan establishes a program and delivery of cultural activities across our City, underpinned by guiding principles.

This Cultural Plan recognises our artistic rich history, the recent past, what we are currently doing, and where we plan to go. It is a comprehensive reflection of the contributions from our community – their opinions, ideas and aspirations for our local culture.

Read the Cultural Plan 2021-2026(PDF, 13MB).