Unley in Harmony

Unley in Harmony - woman and young girl enjoying lunch at Clarence Park Community Centre

Harmony Week is a national celebration to promote diversity and acceptance of other cultures. Harmony Week has been a popular and prominent event on our cultural calendar.

City of Unley is committed to working in partnership with our ever-growing multicultural community. Across the Council we have worked closely with our multicultural communities and organisations to celebrate and discuss our cultural diversity. Our aim has always to maintain our traditions and continue to try to improve our cultural richness and resilience.

We have held performances, exhibitions, art installations, author talks, forums, dinners, guest speakers, debates, living books and interviews. We have invited school students to performances and interactive discussions with Reconciliation SA and ActNow Theatre to break down anti-racist behaviour and develop positive messages and action.

Unley in Harmony celebrations

Events will appear here leading up to Harmony Week in March.

In past years we have celebrated with conversations with key people in our community. 

In 2021, the City of Unley Community Centres recorded a number of such conversations and this gave us the opportunity to share experiences and examine the different cultures and traditions alive and well in Unley.

Celebrating Chinese New Year

Linda is a volunteer at Unley Community Centre.  In this video Linda will share stories and traditions about her Chinese and Malaysian heritage, including the traditions around celebrating Chinese New Year.

The unique crafts and food of Persia

Soraya is a volunteer at Unley Community Centre.  In this video she celebrates her Persian heritage by showcasing the unique crafts and food of Persia

A Mexican heritage and family tree

Meet Evaristo a yoga instructor at Clarence Park Community Centre who migrated to Australia.  Evaristo will take you on a journey as he shares stories of his Mexican heritage and family tree going back to the Aztec’s and how the Mexican traditions continue to be celebrated in his family today.    In this video he will also share with you is trio of dips that are sure to be a crowd pleaser at any social occasion.

From Singapore to Australia

Stella has been a cooking teacher and volunteered at Clarence Park Community Centre as part of the Taste and Flavour Sensation Cooking Demonstration where she has demonstrated a variety of different cooking styles that are part of her Singaporean heritage.  In this video Stella will share with you her story about coming to Australia from Singapore and will showcase three popular Indian vegetarian meals, including Indian mashed potato, fish curry and eggplant curry.  

Ahmadiyya Women's Association

Hear from representatives from the Ahmadiyya Muslim Women’s Association who have been volunteering at Clarence Park Community Centre as part of the Taste and Flavour Sensations Cooking Demonstrations.  In this video they share stories of their culture, traditions and demonstrate a traditional recipe of chicken pilau and beef kebab.  



Be Honest: Are we living in cultural harmony?

On the 1st and 2nd of February 2018, looking towards Harmony Week in March, we interviewed eight people comprising seventeen cultures and faiths. We asked some of the hard questions, questions that are usually not asked, in the hope of sharing culture and community.

Ms Sahar Shahin

Australian, Palestinian, Muslim, born in Australia.

Mr Con Dalagiorgos

Australian, Greek, born in Australia.


Mr Fida Hussain

Afghani born in Pakistan, five years in Australia


Dr Roshanak Amrein

Iranian, Baha'i, 24 years in Australia


Mr Anu Mediwake

Sri Lanka, seven and a half years in Australia.


Ms Mariloly Reyes

Venezuelan, seven years in Australia.


Ven. Mee Ping Lau

Chinese, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, Anglican Christian, 20 years in Australia.