Residential Growth DPA

Village Living & Desirable Neighbourhoods

The Residential Character, Growth Areas and Council Wide Residential Policy Development Plan Amendment (DPA) focuses on protection of valued neighbourhood character, while targeting new integrated development in areas of mixed character and areas of renewal adjacent to strategic location, ie close to public transport infrastructure, centre facilities and services.

Revised and new policies affect major areas of the city and include:

  • Minor expansion of the Residential Streetscape (Built Form) Zone

  • New residential zones - Residential Streetscape (Landscape) Zone, Residential Zone and Residential Regeneration Zone - to replace existing zones

  • Revised Council Wide Residential policy

  • New Council Wide Hazards policy module to consolidate relevant policy

  • Revised structure and format of the Plan Edited maps, figures and tables to reflect the new zones and policy


Public Consultation

Public Consultation concluded in May 2014 and a public meeting was held on 16 June 2014.

A summary of Public and Agency feedback from the consultation process and a Post Consultation Key Issues Preliminary Review was prepared to allow Council to provide guidance on desired proposed amendments.

The Post Consultation Key Issues Preliminary Review was considered by the Development Strategy and Policy Committee and by Council in August 2014 and recommended key amendments to the DPA were endorsed.

Final Approval

Due to the caretaker period from 16 September 2014 to the Council elections in November 2014, and appropriate induction period for a new Council, the Development Strategy and Policy Committee and Council considered a revised DPA in April 2015.

Council agreed with the Minister that the DPA be split into two parts so the changes in the central and eastern suburbs can proceed and be considered for approval in accord with the endorsed Summary of Consultation and Proposed Amendments (SCPA) Report. 

The policy changes in the DPA relating to areas to the east of a line along Goodwood Road, the tram line and East Avenue are to be encompassed in a revised amendment document and forwarded to the Minister for Planning for consideration for approval. This occurred in June 2015.  After lengthy consideration the Minister advised of his intention to make alterations to the submitted DPA, principally to maintain reduced site area criteria and development flexibility in the Residential Streetscape (Landscape) Zone.  Council reviewed and provided a response to the Minister at its meeting on 27 March 2017. Final approval occurred on 4 July 2017.

The remaining areas to the west, that have been the focus of various issues and proposed changes in accord with the SCPA Report, was to be formed into another DPA document. It has subsequently been agreed not to proceed with this part of the DPA.  The proposals will be included in the review and transition of zoning and policy into the new Planning and Design Code being introduced by the State Government over the next 2 years.