Major Local Development Applications

Major Local Development Applications

Across the City of Unley, the Council has appointed an independent Development Assessment Panel who is typically responsible for the assessment of residential and commercial development across our neighbourhoods. 

However, the State Planning Commission (SPC) is the Authority responsible for the assessment and approval of a range of specific or larger development which may occur within Unley.  The State Commission Assessment Panel (SCAP) undertakes development assessment on behalf of the State Planning Commission as set out in the Planning, Development and Infrastructure Act 2016 for development including:

  • South Australian Housing Trust, or registered provider;
  • Urban Renewal Authority, individually or jointly with others;
  • Urban Corridor Zone exceeding 4 storey in height;
  • Recreation Zone (RAHS Showgrounds) exceeding $4M (total of all stages);
  • Prior to March 2021 the State Coordinator General could also 'call-in' to SCAP major applications over $5M.

Current State Planning Commission Applications

A copy of all current applications can be accessed via the SA Planning Portal web-site Development Applications on Public Notice and hard copy is available for inspection at the Civic Centre front counter for the notification periods.

To assist, please follow the link below for all current developments and further information:

Public enquiries should be directed to the Planning and Land Use Services Level 5 50 Flinders St ADELAIDE, Major Developments or Planning services

Council Referral

As part of the State’s planning assessment, applications are ‘Referred’ to the Council for review and comment. Council assessment is not permitted to include consideration of planning matters and only include issues regarding the impact of the proposed development on the following at the local level, including:

  • essential infrastructure;
  • traffic;
  • waste management;
  • stormwater;
  • public open space;
  • other public assets and infrastructure;
  • the impact on any local heritage place;
  • any other matter determined by the Commission and specified by the Commission for the purposes of the report


Development Notification

It is the responsibility of the State Planning Commission to undertake the required notification, appropriate to the type of development nominated in the Planning and Design Code. 

Direct notification is provided to the owner / occupier of ‘adjacent land’ (properties no more than 60 metres from the subject land) and a sign(s) placed on the subject site.  Neighbours who have received a notification or others who see the sign placed on the development site can have their say about the development to the State Commission Assessment Panel (SCAP). 

Representations on a development must be made within 15 business days to SCAP. Those lodging representations may have the opportunity to present before the SCAP to support their submission and address any questions.  



Previous Council Submissions to State Government

A list of previous Development Applications and Council submissions is provided below:

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