Wilberforce Walk

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Wilberforce Walk follows the Brownhill Creek, providing an important off-road walking and cycling pathway. In collaboration with the development occurring on ANZAC Highway, the Council established a new connection from Third Avenue by enclosing the former open channel.

The initial stages have established a safe, shared pathway for cyclists and pedestrians, lighting upgrades and new landscape plantings of advanced trees and native understorey. Completion of the newest section of Wilberforce Walk occurred with assistance of the State Government's Open Space Grant Program.

The existing Brownhill Creek concrete channel is not part of these landscape works and will remain. Future works may be undertaken by the Brownhill Keswick Creek Catchment Board at a future date.

Community Benefit

Wilberforce Walk provides a vital strategic link in Unley’s walking and cycling network, improved connection to Unley Swimming Centre and Forestville Reserve, to Goodwood rail and tram stations and health services on Anzac Highway. Future stages of work will upgrade the creek corridor and further improve the accessibility and amenity of Wilberforce Walk for pedestrians and cyclists.

Project Phases

The Wilberforce Walk corridor project is to be delivered in three key stages, with the two initial phases now completed. Stage 3 - Second Avenue to Leah Street, will be undertaken in future works, subject to Council budgets and external funding opportunities.

Wilberforce Walk 01

Wilberforce walk 01

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Wilberforce walk 02

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Wilberforce walk 03

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Wilberforce walk 04

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Wilberforce walk 05


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