Hughes Gallery - meet our artists

The Hughes Gallery located inside Fullarton Park Community Centre  offers new and emerging artists the opportunity to show their work in the same space as some of Australia's leading artists.

Upcoming exhibitions can be found under current and upcoming exhibitions on our main page, but here you will find some of our showcased artists, both current and from the past, discussing their art and their inspirations.


Bittondi Printmakers Association Inc

(Exhibiting 5 - 25 September 2022)

The theme of this exhibition finds artists of Bittondi Printmakers Association Inc exploring the use of the printmaking media in numerous ways, working in 'Layers' physically and metaphorically.



Rosie Field

(Exhibited 1 - 27 August 2022)

Local award-winning artist, Rosie Field, celebrates the enduring and eclectic beauty of nature in this series of ceramic stacks alongside complementary smaller functional pieces.


Fibre paths

Bev Bills

(Exhibited 1 - 22 July 2022)

A retrospective exhibition of weaving and mixed media works, including stitching, handmade paper and printmaking.


The Colour of a Decade

Rod Kirk

(Exhibited 3 - 26 June 2022)

Colour is the focus of works completed in the last decade by Rod Kirk. ‘I have explored the colours and structures of the landscape and urban environments in my paintings. My pottery pieces are purely decorative, colourful forms of hand built earthenware.’


SAQA Oceania: Distance and Diversity

Studio Art Quilt Associates, Oceania Region

(Exhibited 6 May - 29 May 2022)

An innovative showcase of art quilts from Australasia and beyond. SAQA members share thought-provoking ideas of the world around them, both natural and manmade, in these beautifully executed works of art. Thoughtful stories of indigenous and migrants, cultural diversity and social distancing accompany each work.

The many faces of Leonard Cohen

Karel Locher

(Exhibited 8 April - 1 May 2022)

Leonard Cohen gained world-wide recognition during his 60+ year career as a singer-songwriter, poet, novelist, artist and philosopher. This exhibition features paintings of Leonard at various stages of his life and some of his quotes. his works explored isolation, depression, sexuality, loss, death and romantic relationships.


Anna Hanna - Art on Unley

(Exhibited 11 March - 2 April 2022)

This exhibition, 'Vibrance', uses colour, pattern and texture to bring joy and happiness to those viewing my art. My pieces are all abstract, bright and colourful, bringing vibrance and life to any space. 


John Freeman

(Exhibited 11 February - 6 March 2022)

Adelaide Fringe Exhibition - Winner of 2020 SALA Active Ageing Award.

This exhibition combines ‘Abstract Expressionist’ Art and ‘Ambient’ music to encourage the viewer to see and experience an image and the world in different ways. It is hoped the experience also evokes a sense of calm and contemplation in the viewer.


Tribal Treasures

Colleen Morrow

(Exhibited in 2021)

Colleen Morrow has been a resident of the City of Unley for more than 30 years and an artist for almost 60. Be transported to magical worlds and faraway places as you explore Colleen’s exquisite artwork and unique collection of rare textiles, jewellery, baskets and art objects. Many of these treasured items are from Colleen’s private collection, collected over the past forty years from remote areas of Laos, Uzbekistan, Flores, India and Java.