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Our collection of more than 12,000 photographs and objects has grown from the generous donations of Unley people, their friends and families past, present and, we hope, future. 

You can view photographs and objects in our collection by appointment. Contact us to schedule a time.  Please note we are unable to extract items from our collection on the spot.  

Search the Collection

You can search the Museum's collection through the advanced search Unley Libraries' online catalogue.

  1. add your key search words (ie Unley Road)
  2. from the Additional Limits go to Library and select Unley Museum from the dropdown box
  3. click on Advanced Search at the bottom

Photographs and images are not yet available to view online. 

To view any items make a note of the Local Subject Number and item title.  Contact the Museum by email to make a viewing appointment and include the list of items you wish to view.  We are unable to extract items from our collection without a prior appointment. 


Donate to our collection

Donating photographs and objects to our collection helps us learn about, share and preserve our history.  Our collection is an important example of social development in our state, and we encourage you to be part of it.  We are grateful for the opportunity to acquire all kinds of items and photographs to our collection. 

How to donate

If you have items or photographs you wish to donate please email a list and/or photographs for consideration, or phone us to discuss.  Please do not bring items to the Museum without contacting us first. 

All offers will be assessed against our collection criteria and appraised in relation to our existing collection and preservation capacity.  This may take some time.  While we may not be able to accept everything offered we appreciate the opportunity to review all offers. 

What we collect

We collect items and photographs that relate to the history of Unley. These include

  • Original photographs
  • Scans of original photographs (we can arrange to scan your original)
  • Digital photographs and files
  • Toys
  • Advertising material
  • Sporting memorabilia/equipment/uniforms
  • Household items
  • Technology/electrical items


How we assess items

The item(s) should meet one of the following

  • Associated with people, events, places and themes in Unley's history
  • Valued by sections of the Unley community for social, economic, cultural, religious or spiritual reasons
  • Demonstrate important social customs in Unley
  • Were once commonly available and represent changing trends in the daily lives of people in Unley
  • Designed, manufactured or used in Unley
  • Demonstrate important social or technological changes in Unley
  • Reflect personal histories of Unley residents


What we need to know and consider before we accept items

  • The intending donor has the right to donate it to us
  • It is free of encumbrances (ie no money is owed on it)
  • Who has owned it/where it came from
  • It has potential for research, interpretation and display
  • It comes with documentation/information about it (ie people in a photograph's names)
  • It relates to other items in our collection
  • It is in reasonable condition
  • It does not duplicate other material within the collection


Thank you for considering donating to our collection.