Past Exhibitions



Artists Rebecca McEwan, Steve Bellosguardo and Paul Sloan explore the tension between humanity and the natural world through the lens of Climate Change.

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6 October to 22 December 2022

Climate Change NOW


Climate change. What is it, what is it doing to our planet and what you can do to help. 

Take a virtual tour of the exhibition. 

Living in the 70s: Fashion

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This is the era that embraced plastic.  Polyester, lurex and lamé were everywhere.  Fashion reflected new found individuality and freedom.  It was fun and fast.  Cabaret frocks, swimwear, dinner party attire, you name it. A fun and vibrant exhibition showcasing the best and sometimes worst of 70s fashion.

24 February to 14  May 2022


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Artists James Dodd, Will Nolan, Ray Harris, Joe Felber, Thom Buchanan, Mark Kimber, Kristel Britcher and Heidi Kenyon explore ideas around Unley's 150th anniversary.

19 August - 18 December 2021

150 Years of Unley

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150 Years of Unley is a unique look at the places and spaces of Unley through the eyes of our early pioneers.

13 May to 7 August 2021

Trees: Who Gives a Root

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An interactive exhibition about our humble leafy friends, trees!

28 January to 29 April 2021




Touch on History

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A digital interactive exhibition spotlighting some of our funkier collection items.

30 October to 21 December 2020



An exhibition of selected artworks from  the National Aboriginal Cultural Institute, Tandanya's collection
Image: Jacob Stengle, courtesy Tandanya

20 February to 30 September 2020



On Ya Bike

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An exhibition exploring the history of the not so humble bicycle.

31 October 2019 to 8 February 2020

Life. Unley's Own Returning Home

An exhibition based on the thesis Unley's Own Returning Home by Sandra Kearney, exploring the personal stories of returned soldiers of the 27th Battalion "Unley's Own".

9 May to 3 October 2019

Things of Nature

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Artists Heidi Kenyon, Aldo Iacobelli and Alice Blanch explore the majesty and delicacy of our natural world and the effect of nature's voice on humanity.  

31 January to 16 April 2019


Tea Inspired

An exhibition about all things tea.  Including artworks by Ray Harris and Tristan Louth-Robins.

to 18 April 2019

CUT Will Nolan


9 August to 20 October 2018

Cosmopolitan Unley


From the earliest pioneers to the most recent migrants, discover their stories.

10 May to 2 August 2018

Jazz Archive


A History Month exhibition by the Jazz Archive

22 April to 6 May 2018

Lexicon - Movie Memorabillia


Movie memorabillia mania! A private collection expose.

15 February to 15 April 2018