Compliance in our parks

Published on 06 November 2023


We all want to keep our parks clean and safe for all users, humans and pets alike. Council's Regulatory teams have put up 'Poo Fairy' posters to let residents and visitors know they will be patrolling the Village Green and Goodwood Oval parks throughout November to ensure owners aren't leaving it up to the fairies to clean up after their animals!

There are fines for non-compliance, so please pick up after your dog if you are using our parks.

Some residents who were using Unley Oval to exercise their furry friends have asked us if there are other places they can take their dogs for a run.

We have recently put up posters(PDF, 6MB) advising everyone of alternative venues within Unley and nearby, including just off Greenhill Road at Park 19, known as Marshmallow Park.

You can find more information on responsible pet ownership, dog parks and more on this website.