Doggie bags go green

Published on 24 February 2022

brown puppy on lawn.jpg

From 1 March 2022, the State Government is phasing out more single-use plastics items. One of the items to be prohibited is oxo-degradable bags.

Our previous black dog waste bags were made of oxo-degradable plastic, so we have transitioned to green compostable bags in council parks and public spaces. 

Oxo-degradable plastic products have additives that cause the plastic to break down into tiny fragments called ‘microplastics’ which don’t completely decompose.

This move is fabulous for our environment as it will divert waste from landfill and reduce our plastic waste.

The compostable bags are made from compostable plant starch; they are thinner and maybe be harder to open, but rubbing the top of the bag between your fingers will separate the opening. The waste bag can be placed in the GREEN ORGANICS Bin.

We encourage dog owners to bring their own ‘back-up’ waste bag to cover the whole journey. Fines can apply for dog waste left behind.

Please visit the Replace the Waste website for more information on the State legislation and alternative products.