Indoor cats are happy cats

Published on 05 November 2020

grey and white cat sitting atop scratching pole indoors

Cats can live happily indoors if they have a climbing and scratching pole, food and water, a litter tray, toys and of course your love and attention.

The benefits of keeping your cat indoors include:

  • peace-of-mind for your pet’s safety
  • consideration for the wider community and
  • protection for our native wildlife.

Here are 3 tips from Good Cat SA to keep your cat happy and entertained indoors:

  1. Play time. Daily play sessions can fulfil your cat’s strong hunting and chasing instincts.
    Try toys that encourage your cat to stalk, chase and pounce.
  2. Explore time. Cats love looking at the world from different angles. Ensure your cat has places to perch up high or hide away.
  3. Forage time. Replicate the hunting experience by hiding biscuits or providing interactive toys.


For more tips visit the Good Cat SA website and the RSPCA Safe and Happy Cats website.

For more information on owning cats in the City of Unley visit our pet registration page.

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