It's budget time!

Published on 30 April 2024

Unley Road featuring Town Hall

It's budget time, and the City of Unley is seeking your feedback on two crucial documents: the Annual Business Plan and Budget for 2024-2025 and the Long-Term Financial Plan (LTFP).

In the 2024-25 Annual Business Plan and Budget, we plan for the year ahead. We want to hear your views on the key projects, programs, services and infrastructure upgrades we're proposing.

Your feedback matters, and there are three ways to get involved:

  1. Take part in our survey: Share your insights and opinions through our brief survey. Your responses will guide us in making informed decisions about budget allocations and project priorities.

  2. Engage with Digital Idea Boards: Leave a like or comment on our four digital idea boards showcasing the key environmental initiatives, events & economic development initiatives, community projects, and upgrades and improvements we're proposing.

  3. Join Us at Community Consultation Meetings: Mark your calendars for our upcoming Community Consultation Meetings on Tuesday, 7 May 2024, and Thursday, 9 May 2024 at City of Unley’s Council Chambers.

The Long-Term Financial Plan (LTFP) shapes the City of Unley's financial future. This plan looks to the decade ahead, and we need your input to ensure that our Long-Term Financial Plan aligns with your expectations and aspirations.
We want to know if you're confident in the City of Unley's long-term financial sustainability, if you're happy with the funding proposed for new infrastructure and asset renewal, and if you're comfortable with Council's borrowing plans amongst other things.
Our digital idea boards and both surveys will be open until 6 pm, Monday, 20 May so to find out more or have your say, visit .