Meet your new Council

Published on 18 November 2022


The Electoral Commission SA has officially confirmed the results of the local council elections.

For the City of Unley, Michael Hewitson AM was re-elected as Mayor. Six new ward Councillors have been elected, and six ward Councillors have returned: 

  • Mayor - Michael Hewitson AM
  • Clarence Park Ward - Don Palmer, Rebekah Rogers
  • Fullarton Ward - Peter Hughes, Jack Gaffey
  • Goodwood Ward - Georgie Hart, Chris Crabbe
  • Parkside Ward - Jennifer Bonham, Luke Doyle
  • Unley Ward - Jane Russo, Stephen Finos
  • Unley Park Ward - Monica Broniecki, Michael Rabbitt.

We welcome all new and returning Councillors to Unley Council. 

All Councillors will attend an official swearing-in ceremony on Monday 21 November. 

Contact details for the newly elected body will be updated on our Councillors and Wards webpage as soon as possible.


We acknowledge and thank previous Elected Members Cr Kay Anastassiadis (Parkside Ward), and Cr Sue Dewing (Unley Ward), for their dedication and service. Kay and Sue nominated for the 2022 elections but were not re-elected.

We also acknowledge and thank the Councillors that retired from Council and did not re-nominate: 

  • Councillor Jennie Boisvert (Clarence Park Ward) has been on Council since 2006 (16 years) and prior to being elected in 2006, Councillor Boisvert also served on Council from 1995 to 1997.
  • Councillors Jordan Dodd (Fullarton Ward), Nicole Sheehan, and Emma Wright (both representing the Goodwood Ward) have all served a four-year term after being elected in November 2018.