Nexus Arts Orchestra performance at the Capri

Published on 03 June 2021


As part of the City of Unley's 150th anniversary celebrations, we hosted the amazing Nexus Arts Orchestra at the Capri Theatre. This talented world-music ensemble performed to a rapt audience in a sold-out show.

 The orchestra brings together a collection of artists who play instruments that have their roots in cultures that are thousands of years old. The skilled ensemble combines the familiar sounds of voice, violin, viola, guitar and trumpet with instruments such as the oud, shamisen, gusheng and santur.

All of the players have come together through their connection to Nexus Arts, Adelaide's leading intercultural organisation, led by orchestra director Julian Ferraretto.

The City of Unley and its Deputy Mayor Jordan Dodd were proud to host this special performance at one of Unley's most iconic locations, the Capri Theatre in Goodwood.

We hope you enjoy a taste of the experience in this video.