Time to get back in the pool!

Published on 15 September 2022


The centre remains open until the final Sunday in May next year, making Unley’s 36-week outdoor season the longest in the state.

After two seasons of restricted operations, swim centre staff are excited to be opening in conditions close to what they were prior to COVID, although a few considered controls remain in place to ensure customers’ safety.

Things you need to know about the facility’s re-opening include the following;

  • Online bookings are no longer required for club swimming, lap swimming, recreational swimming and rehabilitation swimming
  • Time limits on visiting the pool no longer apply. Patrons can come at any stage during opening hours and stay for as long as they wish
  • Limits on lane capacities have been removed
  • There is, however, a maximum capacity limit for the facility to accommodate swim programs, space availability, social distancing and safety requirements.

We are still asking patrons to observe physical distancing (1.5 meters) wherever possible, and also ask that they not attend the centre when sick or displaying symptoms of illness.

Council’s website and social media pages have all the details about re-opening conditions.

An exciting change this season is the launch of the centre’s new member platform ‘Active World’, consolidating services into one central interactive tool which provides direct access via smart phones or home computers. Memberships and payments move online, and users can set up a personal profile to track their interactions with the facility.

Customers who don’t have a smart phone or computer will be supported during the transition. As part of the tech upgrade, the site now has free community wi-fi to support the move to the new app. Centre staff will host training sessions for customers during the initial weeks of operation.

As the weather warms up, we welcome you, your family and friends to the swimming centre!