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Published on 18 March 2024

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At the City of Unley, we know that effective communication and community engagement is required to build a strong, vibrant community. That's why Council has recently endorsed a new Communications and Community Engagement Strategy called Unley 360(PDF, 6MB).

Unley 360 recognises the distinct roles Council plays as a service provider, regulator, policy maker and employer and outlines how we can:

  1. Enhance the reputation of Unley as a city that offers an enviable lifestyle, environment, business strength and civic leadership.
  2. Increase awareness of Council’s programs, services, and events.
  3. Promote a greater understanding of the role and value of Council.
  4. Enable community involvement in decision-making to support effective, sustainable, and responsible local government.

As well as a list of communication strategies and actions to achieve the objectives above, Unley 360 includes a Community Engagement Model. This Community Engagement Model identifies four levels of engagement that Council might employ for a consultation depending on the complexity of the issue at hand. The four levels of engagement are:

1. Inform - where Council will provide the community with information that explains how and why a decision was made.

2. Consult - where Council seeks feedback on available options from the community.

3. Involve - where Council will work with the community to understand their needs and concerns and develop possible solutions.

4. Collaborate - where Council partners with the public via the Shaping Unley process to explore each aspect of a decision including development of alternatives and identification of a preferred solution.

For all the details about the new Community Engagement model and how the City of Unley is looking to communicate with our community going forward, you can read the Unley 360 Strategy under Council Strategies.



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