What's 'growing on' in our streets?

Published on 07 March 2023


With grant funding from the State Government, the City of Unley has recently had trees planted on the southern side of Young Street in Parkside between Unley Road and Porter Street.

This part of our city never had street trees due to its narrow footpaths and the underground services in place, but we have overcome this by thinking 'outside the kerb' and planting on the road!

With careful placement and spacing, we have put in thirteen new trees without losing any on-street car parking. The protected tree pits were installed late last year, and it's good to see the young saplings doing well.

It won't be long before they are helping provide the necessary shade to keep our urban spaces cooler, greener and more aesthetically pleasing.

The project was jointly funded by the City of Unley and Green Adelaide.