Grants & Sponsorships

Community Grants Program

Applications for the March 2017 Grant Funding round are now open. 

Community Grant funding is available to individuals*, community based groups and organisations to improve the wellbeing, quality of life, community participation and life skills of residents in the Unley community.

Funding of up to $4,000 is available for innovative and diverse community projects and/or programs in the categories of recreation; art and culture; community; community health and wellbeing; and environment. Please note that the applications approved and the amount allocated per application are at the discretion of the Council.

* Individuals must be working on a project in collaboration with an auspice (either a local community group or organisation) to handle any funding received from the grant.
To be eligible for funding an applicant must:

  1. Acquit previous Council grant funding and donations.
  2. Be located in the Unley local government area and/or be principally providing services to the residents of the Unley Council community.
  3. Include all required supporting documentation with the application.

More Details
Further information can be obtained from the guidelines and application form or by contacting Matthew Ives on 8372 5134 or Pam Hocking on phone 8372 5108.
Afternoon or evening workshops will be held for those groups and individuals who would like assistance with their applications. For more information on workshop sessions, phone 8372 5108.

Projects/and/or programs that commence prior to 1 June 2017 are not eligible and will not be funded.

Conservation Grants

The City of Unley Conservation Fund assists owners of Significant Trees and Local Heritage Items or Contributory buildings in a Conservation Zone to preserve them in a 'safe and aesthetically pleasing condition'.

Grants may be allocated for up to 50% of the total cost of a single conservation treatment.

Please note applications are currently closed. The new application period will take place August/September 2017 but this timing depends on the availability of funds. Grants will only be provided while funds remain in the budget allocated by the Council for the relevant financial year.

Grant Information
The maximum amounts that can be granted are:
  • $1,000 for Significant Trees
  • $5,000 for local heritage buildings/contributory items
Grants are not available for:
  • The removal of Significant Trees
  • Inappropriate lopping, pruning or other 'tree damaging' activities as defined by the Development Act 1993
  • Buildings in Built Form or other Planning Zones (unless the building is Local Heritage listed)
  • State Heritage buildings/items (work may be eligible for funding from the State Government or for tax rebates from the Commonwealth Government)
Please note that:
  • The applicant must provide at least two quotations for the proposed conservation with the application form
  • When a conservation grant is made, the applicant must accept the Council's right to photograph the subject trees, property and/or items, before and after conservation work
  • Council will only pay approved grants following an inspection by a City of Unley officer (or delegate) upon satisfactory completion of any proposed conservation works
  • The City of Unley reserves the right to withhold payment of an approved grant if conservation work does not meet appropriate standards and/or differs from the work that was proposed in the application.
Conservation Grants Policy

Small Sponsorship & Donations Scheme

The Small Sponsorship and Donations Scheme assists eligible organisations and individuals with projects, programs or activities that benefit the residents of the City of Unley.

Donations of up to $250 are available to City of Unley residents to participate in specific cultural, sporting, or recreational activities and events at state, national or international level.

Only one application will be considered each financial year.

Sponsorships of up to $500 per financial year are available for activities or purposes that:
  • Clearly demonstrate direct benefits to the residents of Unley
  • Meet a social, environmental or economic development need of some urgency

Applications will be accepted throughout the year and processed as they are received.

For further information, please phone 8372 5108.
Small Sponsorship Donations Scheme Form
Small Sponsorship Donations Scheme Guidelines

Youth Sponsorship Program

The City of Unley's Youth Sponsorship Program assists local young people who have excelled in their particular sport, cultural or recreational activity and have been chosen to participate in a specific cultural, sporting or recreational activity/event which is of state, national or international significance. Sponsorship amounts of up to $250 can be provided to individuals.

To be eligible applicants need to be:
  • A resident of Unley
  • Aged between 12-25 years at the time of the event
  • Participating in a specific cultural, sporting or recreational activity/event which is of state, national or international significance

Generally we will consider only one application for each applicant per financial year however additional sponsorship may be approved for representation at an international level within the same 12 month period.

Team Managers are encouraged to apply when there two or more members in the same team are participating in a specific cultural, sporting or recreational activity/event which is of state, national or international significance.

Application and supporting documentation must be received before the event takes place.

For further information, please phone 8372 5108.
Youth Sponsorship Program Guidelines & Application Form

Community Event Sponsorship Program

The Community Event Sponsorship Program aims to assist individuals, community groups, organisations and not-for-profit groups to coordinate events that directly benefit the City of Unley community.

Applications for the 2016-2017 funding round open on Monday 1 May 2017 and close at 5pm on Friday 30 June 2017.
Funding for events of any size is available on an ad hoc basis throughout the year to support opportunities and new events through a small Community Chest. Applicants will need to meet the criteria outlined in the Community Event Sponsorship guidelines and application form available below. For enquiries, phone Council’s Events Coordinator on 8372 5120 or email

Other Sources of Funding

Visit the following websites for other sources of community funding: