LED lighting program

Drone view Fullarton to Adelaide CBD

The City of Unley replaced around 2500 street lights with LED lighting across all local streets during 2020 and 2021.

This included a bulk upgrade of street lighting across all Council-owned major roads during 2021, with replacement of 500 street lights and installation of 50 new LED lights which were compliant with current Australian Standards. Existing street lights were replaced with energy-efficient LED luminaires with new PE cell technology, which is up to 60% more energy efficient, helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and Council's carbon footprint. 

The new street lights also increase lighting quality, with more light being directed toward the ground, reducing light spill into private properties.

When did the works take place?

The light replacement program ran from March to May 2021.

Who installed the new lights and removed the old ones?

Enerven installed and removed the lights. They liaised with Council throughout the project.

Why did council choose these lights?

The lighting system has been approved by SA Power Networks, the distribution company that owns the lighting infrastructure.

The lights have been tested to ensure they meet relevant Australian Standards in regard to safety and light levels. Trial results have demonstrated they have superior performance to the existing lights. The upgrade lighting has:

  • Greater uniformity of light across and along the street
  • Improved ‘colour rendering’ and visibility, and
  • Less depreciation of the light output over time.

Who makes the lights?

The lights are made by SylvaniaSchreder. They are assembled in Australia.

How long do the lights last?

The luminaire (the main body of the light including the LED light source) will last about 20 years.

Who owns the lights?

The lights are owned and maintained by energy distribution business SA Power Networks, however Council is responsible for the overall management of street lighting.

Are the old lights recycled?

Yes. The recycling of old lights taken down during a bulk change is the responsibility of the installer.

The tender for installation of the lights specifies waste disposal requirements, which includes the recycling of around 98% of the old lights.

For example, the glass collected is recycled into products such as glass wool insulation for homes. The mercury is distilled and reused in the dental industry to manufacture amalgam. The aluminium body and other fixed components (for example, steel screws and copper wires) are collected and end up as ingots used in industry.

Who do I call if I have any enquiries about the works?

Please contact the City of Unley’s Senior Assets and Engineering Lead on 8372 5111 or email pobox1@unley.sa.gov.au.