Woods Weller Bikeway

Woods Weller front

Project Summary 

To create a safer cycling environment, a series of raised 'slow points' are spaced along the street, with bicycle bypasses protected with landscaped islands, and improvements at intersections for both pedestrians and cyclists.

Funding was allocated in Council’s 2021-22 Annual Budget for this project and part was also received from the State Government’s State Bicycle Fund.

Community Benefit

The cycling route provides a parallel north-south transport alternative to busy King William Road and supports a mixed traffic environment with lower vehicle speeds (less than 40 km/h) and reduced traffic volumes of less than 1,000 to 1,500 vehicles per day. 

Project Stages

Council will deliver the Wood Weller Bikeway in a number of stages over coming years. The Bikeway plan involves five key stages which have been implemented progressively, including:

  • Stage 1 – Wood Street (Northgate Street / Mitchell Street) completed in 2017.
  • Stage 2 – Weller Street (Mitchell Street / Albert Street) completed in 2020.
  • Stage 3 – Weller Street (Albert Street / Simpson Parade) Completed in 2022, with funding support from the SA Government’s State Bicycle Fund.
  • Stage 4 – King William Road (Simpson Parade to Mike Turtur Bikeway) To be undertaken in future, subject to Council budgets and funding opportunities.
  • Stage 5 – (Wood Street to Cross Road) To be undertaken in future, subject to Council budgets and funding opportunities.


Project Update - April 2022

Construction of Stage 3 – Weller Street (Albert Street / Simpson Parade) streetscape improvements commenced between May -July 2022. Contractors provided information and details around timing prior to works commencing. The works included installation of slow points along Weller Street and Simpson Parade and improvements to the Simpson Parade / King William Road intersection.

Council staff notified property owners and residents along the roadway of upcoming works and advised of potential impacts while under construction.


Project Update - May 2022

Contractors commenced the new streetscape works for Stage 3, Weller Street – Simpson Parade in May. The construction was expected to take up to twenty weeks, and during this time local traffic diversions were in place as required.


Wood Weller 01

Wood Weller 01

Woods Weller front

Wood Weller 02

Wood Weller 02

wood weller 1

Wood Weller 03

Wood Weller 03

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