Walking and Cycling Plan Implementation

Cyclists and pedestrians along Rugby Porter Bikeway

Council continues to implement the priorities contained in Council’s Walking & Cycling Plan 2022-2027 (the Plan) for 2023-24. The Plan aims to continue delivering on Council’s vision of  'more people of all ages and abilities walking and bike-riding for transport and recreation purposes', and build on the progress made in delivering well-established walking and cycling networks across the City.  

This project proposes further advancement of the following key routes or initiatives:

  • Railway Terrace South (Devon Street to Goodwood Road) 
  • Wood-Weller Bikeway (Stage 5) Wood Street to Cross Road Connection 
  • Young Street Neighbourhood Bicycle Route Stages 2 and 3 (Unley Road to Glen Osmond Road) 
  • Jellicoe-Ningana Avenue Neighbourhood Bicycle Route
  • Marino Rocks Greenway / Cooke Terrace / Rose Terrace Bend Walking and Cycling Improvements
  • Bicycle End of Trip Facilities

Railway Terrace South

In 2022, Council prepared concept designs for Railway Terrace South, between Devon Street South and Goodwood Road.

These designs aimed to improve pedestrian and cyclist access and safety along the Mike Turtur Bikeway route, as well as improved pedestrian safety crossing the tram line at Hampton Street South. Council endorsed the preferred concept design in early 2023.

The detailed design and documentation of the endorsed concept is to be undertaken in 2023-24 to inform Council's future budgeting and construction program.

Wood-Weller Bikeway - Stage 5

The Wood-Weller Bikeway is a strategic north-south walking and cycling route within Unley, linking the Mike Turtur Bikeway and Charles Walk in the north to the City of Mitcham in the south. Stages 1 to 3 of the bikeway between Northgate Street and King William Road have been completed.

The section between Wood Street and Cross Road (Stage 5) is a key missing link along the route. In 2022-23 Council endorsed a preferred concept design option for consultation.

During 2023-24 Council will undertake community and stakeholder consultation, with results and design refinements based on that feedback presented to Council management and elected members for approval. Detailed design and construction of the approved final concept will be considered in future years. 

Young Street Neighbourhood Bicycle Route

Young Street Neighbourhood Bicycle Route is an east-west ‘low traffic’ bicycle route linking the Glen Osmond Road / City of Burnside in the east with the Mike Turtur Bikeway / Goodwood Road in the west.

To manage the planning and implementation of this key east-west bicycle route, the route has been divided into five key stages. Stage 1 (George Street and Young Street intersection improvements) was constructed in 2022-23.

In 2023-24, the focus will be on developing concept designs for Stages 2 and 3 between Unley Road and Glen Osmond Road. Community consultation, detailed design and construction works will be considered in future years. 

Jellico - Ningana Avenue Neighbourhood Bicycle Route

This north-south Neighbourhood Bicycle Route runs adjacent to the Belair railway corridor and forms part of the Belair Greenway.  

This project involves developing concept design options to improve walking and cycling access along Jellicoe Avenue, Valmai Avenue and Ningana Avenue, in collaboration with Department of Transport and Infrastructure (DIT).

Community consultation, detailed design and construction works will be considered in future years.

Marino Rocks Greenway - Cooke Terrace - Rose Terrace

Marino Rocks is an important 16km regional bikeway route that connects the Adelaide CBD with Marino Rocks and runs through Unley adjacent to the Noarlunga / Seaford Rail Line.

The bikeway route is largely completed, however there are some localised improvements along the route that have been identified based on community feedback. One of the identified improvement areas is the Rose Terrace and Cooke Terrace connection to the Marino Rocks shared path at the route bend.

A detailed concept design was developed in 2022-23 which promises to improve this route's safety, and enhancing access and the  amenity of the local area. This includes access to the Wayville Showgrounds train station, particularly when large events like the Royal Show are on and the railway station sees significant use.  

The Council will deliver the project in 2023-24 if it is successful in receiving a fifty per cent contribution from Department of Transport and Infrastructure (DIT) via the State Bicycle Fund. 

Bicycle End of Trip Facilities

This element of the project seeks to continue with annual installation of bicycle end-of trip facilities at key locations and popular destinations. The project will provide up to five new bike racks (supplied and installed) throughout the City of Unley and one bicycle repair station to be installed at a location along the Glen Osmond Trail. 

Walking and Cycling Ideas Interactive Map

To help us continuously improve our walking and cycling network, let us know what might be holding you back from walking or cycling more often and your ideas for a better network. 

These ideas will be considered as part of future planned asset renewal works, walking and cycling projects and Local Area Traffic Management projects. The more we know, the better we can understand the community's needs and plan for future streetscape infrastructure improvements.  

To add a new idea to the walking and cycling map submit your comment below.