Sustainable Homes

Heritage home with solar panels

Whether you own your home or rent, there are ways to make your home more sustainable, lower your energy costs, and help reduce the effects of climate change at a local level.

As a result of climate change, Adelaide is experiencing more extreme weather events including longer, hotter and more frequent heatwaves with less annual rainfall and more intense storm events.

Our homes are built to last for many years and are often our most valuable asset, however, sometimes they’re not sustainably designed to respond to climate or to be comfortable to live in without expensive heating and cooling running costs.

Increasing the climate resilience of your home can help keep your home comfortable and efficient for longer, and may be more cost-effective to live in. Additional benefits can include increased property value and decreased insurance premiums and repair costs as the house is designed to withstand climate impacts.

Regardless of your building or your budget, there are many things you do to ensure your home is comfortable and well adapted to climate change impacts.

The City of Unley is a proud partner of Resilient East and has been working collaboratively with partners across eastern Adelaide to create a series of resources, tips and events for our Climate Ready Homes Project to support residents to:

  • keep homes cool in extreme heat, and warm in winter, whilst keeping costs down;
  • adapt existing homes to suit a changing climate – refurbish, renovate, and seasonal preparation;
  • be smart about energy and water use to reduce costs;
  • utilise garden space and choice of outdoor materials;
  • design for sustainability; and
  • live lightly with low impact on the environment and better outcomes for your health and wellbeing.
Visit Resilient East's Climate Ready Homes to access the information.  


Sustainable Homes Expert Webinars - Learn from independent energy experts

Are you looking for practical steps you can take to cut energy bills and make your home more comfortable all year round? 

Get the latest information from industry experts, Renew, in this FREE webinar series starting in May 2023. 

Topics include winter and summer energy efficiency, electric vehicles, buying green power, all-electric homes, solar and batteries, and an intro to sustainable building and renovation.

There will be a total of 14 free webinars offered between May and January 2024. Each workshop is run by an experienced expert presenter, for 90 minutes, including 30 minutes Q&A.  All workshops run from 6.30pm – 8pm.

Visit Sustainable Home Expert Webinars for more information and to register.


Webinar Topics 

Buying Green Power | Tuesday 4 July 2023

All-Electric Homes | Tuesday 25 July 2023

Introduction to Sustainable Building and Renovating Series

1. Designing for Resilience | Tuesday 1 August 2023

2. Building Materials | Tuesday 8 August 2023

3. Build your Team | Tuesday 15 August 2023

4. Water and Greening | Tuesday 22 August 2023

New to solar and batteries | Thursday 7 September 2023

Got solar, new to batteries? | Tuesday 12 September 2023

Summer Comfort for Renters | Thursday 16 November 2023

Summer Comfort | Tuesday 21 November 2023

January topic to be confirmed.

Missed out on a webinar? Watch on YouTube.

Practical Tips for Renters

If you are renting, have a look at the ATA's Renters Guide to Sustainable Living that offers heaps of practical tips to do basic energy efficiency retrofits to a property that you don't own. 


Visit our Energywise Unley pages for tips on reducing your energy consumption, information on energy efficiency incentives available through energy retailers and home energy audit kits.