Verges program terms and conditions 23-24

planted verge

The Greening Verge Incentive Program is run by the City of Unley and is open to residents and organisations within the City of Unley.

  1. Applications will be assessed on a ‘first qualified in, first served basis’
  2. Submissions will be accepted between Monday 18 September and Monday 9 October 2023.
  3. The program is not a guaranteed opportunity and is subject to criteria, including but not limited to the eligibility criteria listed below.

Successful recipients will receive the following services for free:

  • Excavation of verge to 100mm depth
  • Removal of excavated material
  • Spreading/backfilling of loam (soil)
  • Installation of 50mm pvc pipe conduit under footpath (optional)
  • Small extension of paving to allow for bin pad adjacent to driveway (optional)
  • Small extension of paving to allow path between kerb and gate (optional).

Council reserves the right to close the program early. Council will contact all applicants regarding their status.

Eligibility Criteria

Sizing verge with measuring tape 

  • Verges minimum 400mm in width (measured from footpath edge to back of kerb)
  • Verges minimum 3m2 in total area
  • Scheduled streetscape works by Council may impact on an applicant being selected
  • Applicants agree to source and pay costs associated with plants and planting the verge
  • Applicants to ensure plantings do not cause interference to road and footpath users in accordance with the guidelines and Nature Strip Policy(PDF, 169KB)
  • Low plantings of waterwise plants are encouraged, but living lawn is also acceptable 
  • Applicants accept full responsibility for the maintenance of their gardened verge.


Please indicate in your application if you require conduit. Council can install a pvc pipe conduit underneath the footpath. This is useful if you plan to install your own irrigation (optional) to the verge.

Bin Pads

Please indicate in your application if you would like a bin pad. If successful, while completing the dolomite conversion, Council can install a small amount of footpath pavers adjacent to your driveway that will accommodate two bins for bin collection day.

Paved Path

Please indicate in your application if you would like a paved path. If you have a gate facing the footpath and are successful, while completing the dolomite conversion, the verge area will be paved with a small path to allow access to and from the property across the nature strip to properties with a gate facing the footpath. If you intend to plant grass, a paved path may not be required.