Recipes to support immune health

Good nutrition and a well-balanced diet play a strong role in maintaining our health and wellbeing. Winter is a very important time to nourish our bodies with good food for a balanced immune system.

Rebecca Greco, together with the Unley Community Centres very own Circuit café Coordinator Chloe Papaemmanouil, cook our top pick recipes from the Meals for Immunity recipe book

Fennel chicken with orange and kale salad


Watch Rebecca and Chloe whip up this quick, easy and healthy dish for one or two.

Hero ingredient:  By eating 1 orange, you will meet your daily vitamin C nutritional requirements.  Choose to eat an orange, rather than drink a glass of juice, so the soluble fibre can support your good gut health.

Turmeric oats with walnuts and banana

Would you like to add variety to your breakfast? Try these turmeric oats to warm your morning!

Hero ingredient: Oats are a fantastic carbohydrate rich food. Oats are low in Glycemic Index which helps us to sustain good energy levels throughout the day. 

Beetroot hummus


No need to buy dip at the shops! This super easy beetroot hummus recipe only requires a blender or food processor. Perfect for a quick snack or to serve when entertaining.

Hero ingredient: The beautiful deep purple-red colour in beetroots is an antioxidant called betacyanin, which supports heart health. Ensure your main meals include ingredients that represent the different colours of the rainbow. Each colour is a different antioxidant with a unique health property. 


These recipes, plus other great meals to support immune health in older adults, can be found in the ‘Meals for Immunity’ recipe book created by Rebecca, in conjunction with the Daily Moves program.

Download Meals for Immunity or email us to request a copy of the recipe book. 

Rebecca Greco is a local Accredited Practising Dietitian and owner of Nourish Adelaide. Rebecca’s mission is to help people nourish their bodies and achieve good health through preparing and eating good food. Visit Nourish Adelaide or follow Rebecca on Facebook for more recipes and information about how to make a private appointment.