Smart Plan


The City of Unley has always understood the critical role that technology plays in enhancing the way people live, work and experience our City.

A Smart Plan for the City of Unley 2023-2027 describes how we will use technology and data to enhance the lifestyle of residents, better manage the environment, support the local economy, and continuously improve the delivery of Council services.

It considers the challenges and opportunities our City is facing, as well as the significant impact the COVID-19 pandemic has had on the way we all use technology in our everyday lives.

A Smart Plan for the City of Unley 2023-2027(PDF, 2MB)

Our Smart Vision

The City of Unley has its eye on the future, embracing innovation and technology to build a smart community, informed Council, sustainable environment and vibrant, prosperous and accessible places for our Community.

We will use data to assist with problem solving, decision making and identifying opportunities for improvement, and technology and smart infrastructure to improve citizen engagement and the delivery of Council services and operations. 

Our vision is to enhance the city experience for residents, businesses and visitors, making the City of Unley an enviable place to live, work and visit for generations to come.

Smart Goals

Safe, connected spaces & vibrant, creative places

Cultivate an accessible, inclusive, safe, and vibrant city designed for an enviable lifestyle that meets current and future needs.

A resilient and sustainable urban environment

Pursue, support and create an environment that will sustain current and future generations.

An empowered and engaged community

Council will involve the community in the generation of ideas and design of solutions.

We will support the growth of a digitally literate and aware community who are open to innovative technology and data sharing that can support their business investments and enhance their everyday life.

A robust and thriving economy

Nurture an environment that supports prosperous precincts, successful businesses, strategic investment, connectivity and innovation.

A smart council

Council will create a culture of innovation and experimentation and collect and analyse data to improve our operations and better inform decision making.

Guiding Principles

Innovation and experimentation

We trial the use of innovative technology and smart infrastructure solutions on a small scale where possible to determine its feasibility, efficacy and to identify any key learnings prior to investing on a large scale.


As an organisation we collaborate internally, ensuring all new Council projects and programs consider opportunities for smart enablement and digital service options.

Security, privacy & transparency

We ensure solutions manage the risks associated with smart technology and data collection, privacy is respected and data is secure, accurate and up to date.

Data is accessible to the community, as considered appropriate, to foster trust and accountability and facilitate citizen innovation.

Seamless integration and communication

We select and introduce technology, infrastructure and applications that support open standards, fostering the seamless integration and exchange of information between products and platforms from different providers and increasing collaboration opportunities with other organisations.

Community-driven & purposeful

We apply the People Centred Design (PCD) framework to engage with our community on smart initiatives to understand the challenges they face and their changing needs and expectations.

We ensure smart initiatives solve real problems, investments are made responsibly, projects are supported by a business case and measures for success are set.