Echo Public Art project


 'Echo' is a permanent public art project for the City of Unley by artist Jason Sims. It is located in Heywood Park, Unley Park, near the southern side intersection of King William Road and Northgate Street.

What is Echo?

Echo is a large-scale geometric sculpture that will use the properties of light and reflection to create a simple illusion of space and form. As described by Jason:
"Echo was designed to reflect and respond to its environment, both serving as a vehicle for contemplation and encouraging play. While its dynamic geometric form contrasts with the surrounding natural environment, it also embraces the unique properties of Heywood Park: the work's copper skin transforming in response to the elements, and its mirrored interior reflecting and re-presenting its surrounds."

"Creating a kaleidoscope within, the illusion of space at the core of the work is intended to play with perception and invite interaction."

Purpose of Echo

Echo has a significant presence and impact which has the potential to become an iconic public artwork. It has been designed to reflect the value the Council places on community, heritage and the environment, and thus provide a unique, creative and cultural expression of Unley.
The playful, interactive nature of the work ensures it will be accessible and engaging for all age groups and reflects the City's focus on community and the park's role as a communal space designed to support health and wellness.

It will foster connectedness, requiring two or more people, one in the role of player and the other viewer, to enjoy elements of its interactive nature and has the potential to become a 'selfie spot' that becomes iconic to Unley and beloved by locals. Echo will significantly contribute to the park's renewed appeal and vibrancy, as well as increasing awareness and enjoyment of public art.

Echo builds upon a growing amount of high quality and well respected artworks in the public realm commissioned by the City of Unley. It is the most significant and largest artwork Council has commissioned to date.

'Echo' has already been recognised as the most significant large-scale piece of public art in 2019 in South Australia with the award of funding from Arts South Australia. This Major Commission funding is only given for one project per year. 'Echo' is the final public arts commission as part of Council's five year Involve Unley: Public Arts Strategy.