Celebrating Our Public Artworks

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The City of Unley has a rich history of creating public art in all of its temporary, ephemeral and permanent forms over many years. Many of these projects have arisen due to programs, projects and spaces which have been identified as part of other wider infrastructure projects, festivals and other events. Inspired by a rich heritage and strong community spirit, the City of Unley has embraced both innovative and traditional forms of public art.

In 2014 Council endorsed a 5-year public arts strategy. This was a major commitment to provide directions for the commissioning of public arts that are creative, relevant and contemporary. At the same time the projects have increased awareness of, as well as complement, the qualities and values of the City of Unley. These successes will be built upon in the future, as opportunities are identified to use public arts for creative expression.

This public art guide(PDF, 6MB) highlights the significant artworks from the past 25 years. They are a selection of the many diverse commissions the City of Unley has undertaken in that time.

Print copies of Celebrating Our Public Artworks can be found at most Council facilities.

You can devise your own public art walking trail using the maps in our guide or you can go the izi.TRAVEL app. Please download izi.TRAVEL and look for the Unley part of the map on the front page and search for Celebrating Our Public Artworks.

Public Arts Strategy

Our Involve Unley Public Arts Strategy(PDF, 1MB) seeks to set a new example of how public arts can be conceived, developed, implemented and sustained. The Strategy provides directions for the commissioning of public arts that are creative, relevant and contemporary and also increase awareness, as well as complement the qualities and values of the City of Unley.

Since 2014/15, the Strategy has created a program of public arts commissioning and support, which stimulates thinking, invites interaction, celebrates diversity, allows for contemplation and even questions our assumptions.

This Strategy includes:

  • Objectives, principles and types of art that will underpin the delivery of public arts over the next five years
  • Actions and pilot projects involving different types of public arts
  • The City of Unley Public Arts Policy.

For further information, please contact the Cultural Development Coordinator on (08) 8372 5134 or email mives@unley.sa.gov.au.


Credit: Marijana Tadic - Whirling Stones. Image: Sam Oster