Walking and Cycling

Cyclists and pedestrians along Rugby Porter Bikeway

The Walking and Cycling Plan 2022-2027 (the Plan) aims to guide the Council’s commitment to improve walking and cycling across the City, and identify and prioritise key initiatives for the next five-year period. It builds on the progress made in delivering the Walking and Cycling Plan 2016-2021 and the well-established network of walking and bicycle routes on local streets and off-road shared paths across the City of Unley.

What is the Walking and Cycling Plan?

The Plan aims to continue delivering on the vision of more people of all ages and abilities walking and bike riding for transport and recreation purposes, and the following Unley Integrated Transport Strategy targets:

  • Double the amount of active transport journeys to work by City of Unley residents (target of 9.4% walking and 7.4% cycling).
  • Record the highest number (percentage of population) of sustainable transport journeys undertaken by our local community, compared to the rest of metropolitan Adelaide.

The Draft Plan targets three key focus areas:

  1. Infrastructure
  2. Promotion and Education
  3. Data collection, Monitoring and Evaluation.

The Plan is supported by a five-year Infrastructure Implementation Plan in its Appendix, which guides proposed priority projects and staging over the five-years (2022-27). The Infrastructure Implementation Plan is aimed to be a living document that is flexible to accommodate new influences and opportunities as they arise. The consultation feedback was reviewed, and the final Plan was presented Council for its endorsement at its meeting on Monday 22 August 2022. Find details on the endorsed Council Report here

Walking and Cycling Ideas Interactive Map

To help us continuously improve our walking and cycling network, let us know what might be holding you back from walking or cycling more often and your ideas for a better network. 

These ideas will be considered as part of future planned asset renewal works, walking and cycling projects and Local Area Traffic Management projects. The more we know, the better we can understand the community's needs and plan for future streetscape infrastructure improvements.  

To add a new idea to the walking and cycling map submit your comment below.